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Readers sound off on the burning Amazon Rain Forest, gifted and talented programs and Jumaane Williams


A forest firefighter fights a fire in the Chiquitania region, the largest tropical dry forest eastern Bolivia. More than 750,000 hectares of forest have been turned into ashes during the latest days, according to the Bolivian Government. The fires have hit the country's Amazon side with an 83% increase on last year. Brazil and Bolivia are under 'extreme risk' from forest fires. (MARCELO PEREZ DEL CARPIO/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)
Petty politics and Amazon aflame

Bronx: Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro refuses to accept the $20 million the G7 wants to give him to help fight the fires that are destroying the Amazon rainforest. And to make that as clear as he can, he pulls a Trump and insults the country of France for offering him the money in the first place, and then tells the French president that his wife is nowhere near as good-looking as his own.

The president of France, who knows he must not let this provocation to outright World War go unchallenged with anything less than an equally severe counter strike, then calls Brazil’s president “rude,” and, for all intents and purposes, an entirely incompetent leader who he knows the people of Brazil see just waiting to vote out office.

While all this nonsense is going on back and forth, the president of Brazil who, for years, has wanted to let the Amazon rainforest take care of itself, lets the rainforest do just that and burn itself down to the ground, with the unfortunate side effect of all the world coming to an end.

And I ask myself: What is the matter with those people? Are they sociopaths, full-blown psychopaths or just people with a death wish who don’t want to die alone? Jonathan Kleid

Not buying it

East Meadow, L.I.: National Grid’s argument that it’s run out of capacity is ridiculous (“National embarrassment,” Aug. 28). The state, the company says, only has to approve the pipeline for them to act on stalled gas applications. Who do they think they’re kidding? Once approved, the pipeline might not be operational for two years. The interim gas must be available. The Amazon is burning, folks. So is Alaska, and the glaciers are melting. There’s a climate emergency and burning oil and gas is why. Gov. Cuomo signed the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act to move us away from fossil fuels. That’s the direction we should be going. Jay Blackman

Comedic standards

Bronx: I am very amused at the righteous indignation over your Aug. 22 cover. Not one of the letters complained about his proclamation of being “the Chosen One.” I guess it’s okay to be a serial liar, misogynist, racist “Christian,” but not okay to make a joke about it. David O. Cummings


Redondo Beach, Calif.: Is the Trump brand now the bedbug brand? John Chevedden

Keep it in the family

Brooklyn: I’m sure the governor wouldn’t mind a picture of the Tappan Zee Bridge on the new license plates with the caption “New York, the Mario Cuomo state.” Leighton Perkins


Cranbury, N.J.: I was very impressed with the insight shown in the editorial on Aug. 28 (“Keep gifted and talented”). I was one of four teachers to initiate the gifted program in our area, which began (we felt, unfortunately) in first grade. From time to time we four would get together to discuss every aspect of the program and what we thought of it. Your entire editorial could have been recorded word-for-word from our discussions. Ann Solomon

Eduacation woes

Manhattan: Congratulations to Richard Carranza, Mayor de Blasio and the School Diversity Advisory Group for killing ambition and penalizing hard work by recommending the elimination of the gifted and talented programs and other rigorous academic initiatives. What, then, will be the point of trying to excel if you are condemned for trying to improve yourself if de Blasio and company constantly discourage you at every turn? There are programs that help people prepare to get into various select programs. Why don’t these idiots promote the programs? Joie Anderson

Down and out

Mineola, L.I.: The Indianapolis Colts are out of (Andrew) luck! Philip J Martone

Out of sight...

Brooklyn: It is approaching one month since the shootings in El Paso and Dayton. Unfortunately it seems that once again legislation to reform gun control has been swept under the rug and the issue to be forgotten until the next shooting. What a shame. In the meantime another school year is beginning and parents have to fear for the lives of their children when they send them off to school. Not only does something have to be done about assault weapons but the fact of the matter is too many people have guns, legal or not. Wake up, Mr. Trump and Congress! Steve Yanowsky


Manhattan: If all the people who endorsed Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand were to throw their total and unconditional support behind Bill de Blah-blah-blasio, our mayor’s support might surge to a whopping 1.3%. Time for him to start selecting his shower curtains for the White House. Benoit Jadoul


Bronx: After all of your left-wing nitwits’ letters to Voice of the People, it looks like I’m the only conservative reading your paper. MAGA! Ralph Valente

Come together

Breezy Point: How can Jumaane Williams call himself the New York City public advocate while wearing a black fist “RESIST” button? It’s just not right. That’s not inclusion. That is definitely separation! Start acting like we are one united New York City and not a black and white New York City. Pat Campbell

In the details

Manhattan: Voicer John Francis Fox: Yes, both officers need better training, but the cases of Minnesota Officer Mohamed Noor and New York Officer Daniel Pantaleo are very different. Noor accidentally shot a white woman. Pantaleo deliberately kept choking a black man who told him “I can’t breathe.” The former may have been treated unfairly, the latter most definitely not. What part of “I can’t breathe” is so hard to understand? Lynne Henderson

Officer Lynch

Jamaica: Here we go again with Pat Lynch and his typical rhetoric! He wants Gov. Cuomo to remove Mayor de Blasio and Commissioner James O’Neill from office. He and many officers and their supporters believe that they are entitled to use unquestionable amounts of violence and that their actions should be beyond consequences. Lynch was once a beat cop. I can just imagine how much of a brute he was considering he never finds anything wrong with brute cop behavior. Lynch should apply this amount of effort into negotiating better contracts for his union members as he does defending the indefensible. Denesha Cohen


Brooklyn: I recommend to your readers to consider that a couple getting married in their early twenties can expect to spend 60 years together, which is about 500,000 hours, and therefore should consider spending at least 50 to 500 hours getting to know their potential spouse before marrying them. Fifty hours is the equivalent of 10 five-hour dates and would only be one ten-thousandth of the time that they can expect to spend together. Levi Ginsburg