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Readers sound off on statues of women, foie gras, and Joe Biden


Sister's got the votes.
St. Frances Cabrini won the vote

Brooklyn: In response to the Daily News op-ed from Aug. 20 ("How to honor Mother Cabrini”): Please help me understand your logic, Douglas MacKinnon. I have been a taxpayer in New York City for many decades, and, having voted for someone who won the top vote, I expect that person to be the winner!

Why should I pay for the women chosen by a few people on a committee and pay again by raising money to put up a statue of the one who won in the first place? This is not the American way, sir! This sounds like something Putin would say. “Have your vote, and no matter who wins, I choose!”

St. Frances Cabrini was an immigrant who came here in 1889, not to better herself, but to give of herself. She helped so many immigrants, especially women, children and orphans here in New York City before there were any social programs. Why, in an age when we have so much compassion for people trying to enter our country, do some people choose to ignore the fact that her contributions were huge? She was the mother of immigrants! Who else would be more deserving of a statue representing so many of the first immigrants who literally built the city, and all of the immigrants who followed?

This proposal was a great idea that should have brought us all together to celebrate some wonderful Americans. Let’s all try to rectify the mistake (and I’m sure it was not intentional, but an oversight) and come together to celebrate all of these highly respected, wonderful women of New York starting with the winner of the city vote — St. Frances Cabrini! Ursula Agosta

Save the duckies

Manhattan: If the best argument you have is how many other animals are slaughtered in intolerably humane conditions, I have to respectfully wonder if you have totally lost your ability to connect with any other living being (“Daffy for ducks,” editorial, Sept. 3). The caption for the photograph you use says “an employee feeds a duck.” The last time I checked, having your head held while someone force feeds you is not the picture of “shallow symbolism,” and supporting Intro 1378 to ban the sales on forced-fed foie gras is not only courageous, it is the right thing to do. Linda Mann

Immigrant nation

Valley Cottage, N.Y.: I’m on my soapbox again. This argument about keeping immigrants out of the U.S. is, in my humble opinion, a lot of hogwash! There isn’t a family in these United States who does not have someone who came from another country to try to make a better life across the oceans! Look it up, people. Where did your parents’ parents come from? Russia, Italy, Ireland, England, etc.? The only ones who can claim to be Americans are the second generations of these original immigrants and their progeny! As long as these new immigrants are not felons, and are able to contribute to the country we all love, they should be welcome. Stop tearing families apart! Send the parents back? So what happens to their American-born children? Who takes care of them if they aren’t sent back with their parents? All of these politicians who favor mass deportation probably give no thought to the fact that if their ancestors hadn’t come here, they might still be living in "the old country.” I’m sure a lot of you will send in diatribes against my opinions, but that’s okay. That’s what makes America great! Zelda Multz

So pedestrian

Astoria: Does Voicer Tom Newby think anyone would take him seriously? No cars in New York City? Spoken from a person who has most likely never learned how to drive and does not have a disability that prevents him from riding a bike to get where he needs to go. I suggest he follow Mayor de Blasio when he is no longer the mayor. Hopefully they will find a utopian paradise where they can both ride unicorns to get where they need to go every day. Linda Smith

Eternal heroine

East Rockaway, L.I.: Voicer Steve Mayo has a problem with Ruth Bader Ginsburg being called a “judicial hero” in regard to her disagreements with 45. If Mr. Mayo had done any research on Ginsburg, he would have discovered that her “hero” title predates 45 by decades, particularly in her fight for women’s rights. Meryl Cohn

Broken systems

Manhattan: The latest gun massacre in Texas speaks volumes about the state of our nation. Not only does a lunatic with firearms cause death and multiple injuries, but the families of two victims had to resort to Go Fund Me campaigns to raise money to pay for the care of shooting victims. The least President Trump and Congress could do is declare that the federal government will pay all expenses for care of the victims. But considering their past inaction, they will probably do nothing. Jeffrey Nelson

Shake it up

Little Neck: I agree with Voicer Susan Davis: A vote for Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris and especially Bernie Sanders will enable an automatic win for Trump, no doubt. With the current trend of bad politics (look at what our mayor is doing), if we stay the course and continue to believe the old formula of electing incumbents, progressive and positive change will never happen. The whole political machine, local and nationally, needs a major face lift, and this was the way Trump won his election. Trump played by his own rules, and no one else was able to compete with the new rules of the game. We need a new face, a game changer, a challenger for the people. Thomas Chin

Not so sleepy Joe

Hoboken, N.J.: Richard Cohen writes Biden off at the expense of his own credibility (“A lament for Joe Biden,” column, Sept. 2). His analysis of a few Biden gaffes comes off as ageism. Biden’s career spans four decades. He is one of the most accomplished candidates for president in modern times. Think of all the encounters he has had and it is understandable that he might get a few facts wrong. Compare this to Trump who can’t even spell the word “truth,” let alone speak it ever. Yet, the press continues to prop up his lies by publicizing every tweet and lie. They benefit from his mendacity. Biden still has to prove himself to win the nomination and is entitled to a handful of mistakes. His character matters most. Rev. Alexander M. Santora

Power in numbers

Farmingdale, L.I.: To Voicer Ralph Valente: Fear not, Ralph, I’m with you 110%. I’m the other conservative reading this rag. Frank Pennino


Flushing: To Voicer Rudy Rosenberg: Good one about the Kosciuszko Bridge and Cuomo. I guess he did run out of relatives. Thanks. You made me smile. Adrienne Derison