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Readers sound off on police suicides, OMNY, and de Blasio for president


Take cops out of the crosshairs. (Michael Ip/for New York Daily News)
Save police through gun control

Manhattan: Another member of the NYPD took his own life and we have now reached double digits for police suicides in 2019 (“Retired cop shoots himself to death in Staten Island,” Sept. 3). What was once seen as a human tragedy has unfortunately become a statistic.

Our police officers have to enforce the law and maintain peace in some of the worst neighborhoods — areas with major poverty, rampant drug abuse, little education, high unemployment, atrocious living conditions (thank you, NYCHA and Mayor de Blasio), gangs and thousands of unlicensed, illegal guns.

If our cops knew that they could break up a domestic dispute, arrest a petty thief, abort a drug deal or apprehend an erratic driver without facing the risk of someone unloading a gun on them, the incidents of mental stress and depression would probably decline substantially. An ounce of gun regulation could prevent so much death and sorrow nationwide.

Any person with a normal IQ and a caring heart should have no problem identifying the three culprits: our Stable Genius surrounded by his cadre of racist sycophants; Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who has less courage than the Lion in “The Wizard of Oz;” and Wayne LaPierre, the NRA’s super-god who maintains assault weapons are as innocuous as lollipops.

These three myopic gun-huggers are responsible not only for the countless mass shootings throughout our country, but also for the frightening suicide rates among our law enforcement officers. Clearly, they all have chosen sides: senseless murder over law and order. Isn’t that what they call anarchy? Benoit J. Jadoul

Epstein empathy

Warwick, R.I.: To all the haters out there: Are you happy that Jeffrey Epstein is dead now? Yes, the old, rich Jewish guy is dead. You must be happy now. Yes, Epstein had problems and what he did was wrong on so many levels. But a better punishment would have been huge fines, civil settlements and a long term placement in a secure, safe treatment facility. It would have been more equitable to all concerned. But to send him to jail with hard core, violent criminals was a mistake. I am sure that everyone that watches crime shows or movies knows what happens to people like him in jail. How stupid can the criminal justice system be! Epstein was just an overgrown kid (psychologically). He did not belong where he was placed. This all speaks of anti-Semitism more than anything else. Kevin Vealey

Foie gras = cruelty

Brooklyn: I was appalled by your recent editorial about foie gras (“Daffy for ducks,” Sept. 3): For those who don’t know, the standard practice used for producing foie gras involves violently shoving a metal or plastic foot-long pipe down a bird’s throat, then pumping him with so much feed that after several weeks his liver swells and becomes diseased. Most New Yorkers would never choose to abuse animals if they had the choice. It’s time our city does its part in banning these horrific practices that, quite frankly, if any of us did openly on a busy New York City street, we would be seen as deranged and most likely be arrested and charged with animal cruelty — which is exactly what foie gras is! Shai Navon

Messaged delivered

Bayside: I take issue with Voicer Elena Andrusezko berating Voicers over the Aug. 22 front page depicting President Trump and company at the Last Supper. Apparently she missed the message. It is always unacceptable to use any religion in political satire to make a point or advance an agenda. For too long the Christian faith has been the object of ridicule and I, like those Voicers, don’t think its appropriate to just turn the other cheek to such abuse! Constance Calcott

Sweet tooth

West Hempstead, L.I.: Re: The Aug. 22 cover: Great image but what happen to the big piece of chocolate cake? Oh, that’s right, Trump ate it first! Linda Sardone


Rockaway Point: Serena Williams can learn from Naomi Osaka — it’s called class, grace and good sportsmanship. Regina Mangan

Downtrodden dad

Brentwood, L.I.: Regarding the op-ed by CUNY Chancellor Matos Rodriguez (“Honor NYC’s immigrant students," Aug. 30). It was disheartening and infuriating to hear the leader of a public, taxpayer-funded university toss Americans to the side and accuse people of being nativist! For the chancellor of a major university to deliberately ignore the important difference between legal immigrants and illegal immigrants is typical of today’s liberal politicians, activist, and media. No, illegal immigrants are not just as American as Americans! For whatever reason, of their own or their parents doing, they are in the U.S. illegally. As an American father of American students who has to pay for my kids to go to college, it’s a betrayal of American students and taxpayers that the New York governor and Legislature use taxpayer money to aid illegal immigrants. America is supposed to be a nation of laws that all are expected to follow! I make no apologies for standing up for America, and Americans first! Anthony Johnson Sr.


Redondo Beach, Calif.: I hope Mike Pence did not encounter bed bugs at Trump’s place in Ireland. John Chevedden

Elderly strap-hangers

Manhattan: Having launched the newfangled OMNY system with a fulsome self-congratulatory fanfare more suitable for celebrating a moonwalk, the MTA seems to have forgotten the needs of us senior citizens who pay half-fare on our city’s public transit. What provisions have been made to replace the reduced-fare MetroCard with its photo ID and easy pre-payment plan? How will those senior citizens who have smartphones and/or “bankcards” (meaning credit cards? MTA hasn’t clarified) pay half-fare using these devices? And what about the many senior and non-senior New Yorkers who don’t have either device? The MTA should come up with a doable half-fare plan and publicize it before the full implementation of the OMNY system goes into effect. Aviva Cantor

One task at a time

Brooklyn: Does any politician fail at multi-tasking as well as Bill de Blasio? This May, our mayor cheated New York City of a near whole month of work to jump-start a presidential campaign; he just failed to qualify for the upcoming debate, yet he refuses to surrender. Maybe that’s because he’s the only politician out on the campaign trail who is literally out to lunch! Johnny T. Sollitto

In house

Brookline, Mass.: Why doesn’t it occur to parents that testing is the problem, not the test? Get rid of all federal and state-mandated tests and go back to teacher-made tests of what they have actually been taught. Sandra Stotsky