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Readers sound off on parking meter apps, the economy and #MeToo in the opera world


Does not compute. (Howard Simmons/New York Daily News)
App to pay meters is useless

Ossining, N.Y.: I am an owner of a business in the East Village. Because of the late hours, I need to drive from Westchester and park near the business. To that end, I used the online zone parking payment system with my phone. Worked well. I was happy. And, as advertised, it let me know when the meter was about to expire.

Here’s where what should be an excellent system went off the rails: I was not permitted to add time to the meter via the app. I was informed by the DOT that while I can extend my time by paying at the meter, I could not do so through the app. That would be an insane feature, right? The stated reason was that they want to promote parking turnover, something everyone on the planet knows is not going to happen. So instead of a wonderfully convenient and well-working system, the city instead had to go one step further, make it useless, and just annoying enough to shave hours, if not days off my life, by forcing me to, yet again, have to run out to wherever I parked, in all weather, shove my card in the meter, punch the required buttons and then stick another little receipt in my window.

It’s sort of like calling for a pizza delivery, being told they do deliver, but you still have to pick it up from the pizzeria because the delivery was to the counter, not your door. Robert Rundbaken

Misrule from the top

Astoria: A message to the least empathetic, least eloquent, and least humane person to ever occupy the White House: Fear mongering is not leadership! Karen N. Pearlman

To the Max!

Brooklyn: Staten Island Congressman Max Rose needs to continue his attack on Mayor de Blasio for his lack of support of the NYPD (“Rep. Max Rose rips Mayor de Blasio for being ‘MIA’ on veteran suicides in New York,” Aug. 15). There is a huge problem when nine police officers commit suicide and little is being done. De Blasio refused to join the the national Mayor’s Challenge to Prevent Suicide Among Service Members in 2018. This group helps cops become more aware of signs of depression. Something clearly needs to be done and it does not seem to be a top priority in the de Blasio administration. John De Angelo

No help for you

Astoria: In response to Voicer Andrew Nace-Enzminger: “Millions of Americans smile secretly when cops are killed.” Really? I think it’s more like just a handful of criminals and the idiots who support them. Many more millions, I mean many, however, dislike people like you. Next time you are in trouble, call your cop-hating friends. Nick Tsiames

That’s the point

Forest Hills: Voicer Janet Cecin wrote: “How will Joe Girardi manage at an Olympic qualifying tournament for a spot at the 2002 Summer Games in Tokyo.” The year is 2020 when the Summer games will take place. The newspaper is full of typographical errors every day. Your writers should start using spell check after they write an article. Arlene E. Farber

Trump hunt

Brooklyn: So now that Trump pulled out of the Endangered Species Act, his two loathsome, big game hunting sons can have a field day hastening the extinction. Nancy D. Bennett

Don’t get car sick

Fairfield, Conn.: After almost three years of Trump “driving” this economy, I still feel that we are all passengers in a car with a stick-shift and the driver doesn’t know how to coordinate the clutch with the gas or even know what gear he is in. I don’t think he will ever get it and we are all in for a very bumpy uncomfortable ride. Bob Bodo

Nowhere is untouched

Manhattan: Say it isn’t so. Opera great Placido Domingo is now being accused by eight singers and one dancer of sexual misconduct starting in the 1980s. If this were true, why didn’t they report it then? If proven true, he would have been dealt with accordingly. You don’t wait 30 years. Allan Chase

Civics lesson

Richmond Hill: Dear Voicer Richard Skibins: Since I went to school at a time when civics was actually taught, I am fully aware that the Second Amendment is one of many additions to the U.S. Constitution. Please note that it was ratified and is now a part of the law of the land. Sorry to say we are still looking to protect ourselves when the militia is not around. We all cannot live in gated communities with armed guards. Yes, the Ten Commandments is not part of our legal system, but they are the basis for our laws. You will find them in the front of many courthouses. The availability of ammo in the U.S. is a matter of state and community laws. It can be changed by lighting a fire under elected officials whenever they come up for reelection. There is no easy answer to our problems. I hope all well-meaning men and woman can get together and work this out soon. Robert Clolery

So ungrateful

Brooklyn: All of a sudden, Rosanna Arquette realized she’s white and privileged! Maybe she is playing so many characters she forgot who she was. I am so sick of people like her in the entertainment world crying. Hang it up already. I’m sure there are plenty of out-of-work actors or actresses living paycheck to paycheck that would fill your shoes. Mariann Tepedino

A suggestion

Garwood, N.J.: The Daily News, without question, must have the greatest repository of historical baseball photos of any paper in the nation. Would the editors please consider running some of them for the benefit of its readers? If it is a matter of space, please delete coverage of Trump’s daily tweets. They are far more entertaining in the original Russian in any event. Michael Gordeuk

They have it easy

West Islip, L.I.: In 1953 when German, Italian and Irish immigrants like me arrived here we got nothing free. No food stamps, no college, no Section 8 Housing, no Medicaid, no free lunches, no free daycare. Everything is given for free now. And to insult us more, we came here legally. When does our turn come? My uncle had to show his pay check, his mortgage on his house and sign that he would support me until I got a job. I got a letter telling me that I could not apply for anything from the federal government. What happened to that letter? What’s wrong with the old days? It made us better United States citizens. Carmel Harrigan