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Readers sound off on impeachment, Greta Thunberg and bail


Brooklyn: Do the Democrats realize that if they fail to impeach him, they just reelected President Trump? Wouldn’t it have been better to just get through the rest of this term and then beat him in 2020? Now if you fail, you will have him for the next year-plus and four more. Good luck. John De Angelo

East Elmhurst: Donald Trump has proven himself petty, vicious, racist, incompetent, self-seeking, self-serving, narcissistic, sociopathic, manipulative, disloyal, unreliable, untruthful, greedy, stingy, exploitative, and now extortive. Yes, with this latest Ukraine scandal, our liar-in-chief has revealed himself as extortioner-in-chief. He’s impeachable, so, so impeachable. Melanie N. Lee

Massapequa Park, L.I.: Nancy Pelosi announced that House Democrats will begin investigating President Trump! I can’t wait to see the progress that comes out of Congress now that the Democrats have put their minds to something! Raymond P. Moran

Manchester, N.J.: No puppet, no puppet, you’re the puppet; no collusion, no collusion; no obstruction, no obstruction; no quid pro quo, no quid pro quo; no impeachment, no impeachment...wait, what? And let’s not forget — no wall! Charles Morgan

Bronx: Why is it that Donald Trump feels the need to cheat and lie to get the results he wants? Did he need Russian help to win the election in 2016? Does he need Ukrainian help to win the election in 2020? He never earned his own way. Maybe he’s always felt inferior and thinks he has to lie, cheat and steal to get what he wants. He always shows that he is a person of low integrity, not fit to be president of the United States. David Gonzalez

Manhattan: President Trump has brought the current calls for impeachment onto himself. Only time will tell if he will win the contentious battle. Nelson Marans

New Canaan, Conn.: The story about the Connecticut squirrels is a clear case of animal abuse, according to the vet who treated them (“Four baby squirrels found with tails braided together in incident vets believe was animal abuse,” Sept. 23). Why should we care about this? Studies done by the Humane Society of the United States indicate that abuse of animals often escalates to crimes against people. The Son of Sam, the Columbine killers and Ted Bundy are among the people who started their crime sprees following abuse of animals. Whoever is responsible for this needs to be found before he escalates his abuse. It is a matter of public safety. Cathy Kangas

Tobyhanna, Pa.: To Greta Thunberg: How dare you annoy me with your sniveling, sanctimonious, self-serving speech? Poor little snowflake, you can’t cope with life because of climate change. When I was a student in the 60s and 70s, there was a real threat of climate change. It was called nuclear war. Unlike you and your peers, we didn’t let it paralyze us with fear; we went on with life. Don’t worry, we’re not heading to extinction. Quit listening to these climate change idiots. The climate has been continually changing from day one. Joseph Matarazzo

Long Beach, L.I.: Greta Thunberg reminds me of the Red Queen from the “Resident Evil” movies. Not only do they share similarities in age, appearance and accent, but they both have a seemingly insatiable need for attention. I’m just curious: Are they experiencing a rapid climate deterioration in Raccoon City as well? Terence Brennan

Astoria: Tell me why we should listen to the adolescent temper tantrum of the Great Greta Thunberg. After seeing her over-the-top speech at the United Nations, a part of me pities her. Shame on her parents for allowing her tirade. And no, she is not courageous. Courageous would be to stand on her soapbox in China or India, two of the worst polluters on the planet, and try and get those countries in line with her philosophy. Linda Smith

Fresh Meadows: To Richard Cohen: I am sorry to hear you are retiring as I enjoyed your column through the years. Thank you for your insight on what had been occurring in the world and in our country. Enjoy your retirement. It is well earned. You will be missed. Zane Tenenbaum

Shirley, L.I.: To Voicer Ralph A. Manente, who wrote in about the parents of the students at the United Nations International School whining: You sound more like the whiner in this scenario. Kathleen Dare

Kearny, N.J.: How is it that a beast, out of jail after serving a nine-year sentence, is allowed to commit several crimes and still be running around (“Free, then vile rape,” Sept. 20)? It’s because of the weak bail that judges granted him following his recent arrests that this monster was free to rape a woman in her own apartment. When do we start to hold these judges accountable when the creeps they coddle create further mayhem? They know the criminal’s rap sheet, they know the allegations against them (none of which the members of the public who encounter them knows), so when they let them out on low bail, they’re vouching for them. There needs to be a price paid for that level of naivete bordering on collusion. John Woodmaska

Clifton, N.J.: Voicer Grace Fornatora writes that liberals will say or do anything for power. Grace, open your eyes. The GOP does the same thing. It’s all just politics. They don’t care about us. Their only concern is power. When does love for your fellow man ever come into the equation? God bless you, Grace. I pray we all gain wisdom. Marvin Bailey

Tuckahoe, N.Y.: Voicer Russell Paul La Valle conveniently ignored my response to his absurd ideas about animal immorality and irrationality. He states instead, “The fact remains, the only so-called ‘rights’ animals have are those that man gives them in our capacity as responsible stewards of the planet.” Unfortunately these “facts” are solely La Valle’s interpretation. La Valle’s response harkens back to the elitist days when women didn’t have the right to vote, black people were considered mere property and the concept of gay marriage was preposterous. All these faced and won hard-fought battles against those who previously were given sole authority to decide who was worthy of rights. La Valle wants to cling to the comfort of his status quo, and retain his superior position in life — but the world is changing and so are the decision makers. If La Valle doesn’t want to change with the times, he should respectfully move out of the way of those who do. Kiley Blackman