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Readers sound off on firing Pantaleo, New York accents and BDS


FILE - In this May 13, 2019, file photo New York City police officer Daniel Pantaleo leaves his house Monday, May 13, 2019, in Staten Island, N.Y. (Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/AP)
A firing, but still no justice

Fishkill, N.Y.: I’m sorry but if a woman says “stop,” “don’t,” it’s called rape. So when a person, whomever he or she may be, utters the words “I can’t breathe” and you don’t stop, then that’s plain murder, and after five years, I feel it’s too little too late. My sympathy to the Garner family for their pain and suffering. Benny Rosario

Manhattan: “Next time you’re walking down the street and you feel safe, thank the NYPD,” said Police Commissioner James O’Neill in connection with his right decision to fire Officer Panteleo for using a deadly banned chokehold on Eric Garner. Thank you, NYPD. Susan A. Stark

Newton, N.J.: I wonder if PBA President Patrick Lynch thinks any cop has ever been guilty of anything? Pantaleo received a fair department hearing, declined to testify, and was found liable and has now lost his job. He should be thankful 23 knuckleheads and a racist federal government didn’t send him to prison. God willing, he never works in law enforcement again. Michael Schnackenberg

Wrongful termination

Union, N.J.: They fired Officer Pantaleo. For what? If Eric Garner just put his hands behind his back like Brian Cashman did, this would never have happened. He was doing his job. Now Reverend Al Sharpton is on his soap box doing the same thing as he always does, getting his 15 minutes of fame. By the way, Al, how is Tawana Brawley doing these days? Do you still get Christmas cards? Steve Jacoby

Black and white

Parlin, N.J.: To Voicer Andrew Feinstein, I say: How about the many black men who were pulled over by police with guns drawn, who knew they did nothing wrong, who complied with the police officer’s orders and got shot and killed anyway? Your point is what?! Diane Y. McCovery

They asked for it

Manhattan: I suggest future 911 calls for police assistance be ignored in areas where the police have been assaulted. Let the ingrates fend for themselves. Frank Giffone


Elmont, L.I.: Thank you, first to my fellow crossworders and Voicers who brought attention to this secret code that only the “genius” creator — or CIA operatives for that matter — can solve. First was the 8's, then another similarly inane one, and now, when do we get the payoff for the five answers that leave a blank space at the end from Saturday’s crossword II? Is it just me on this one? I’m still scratching my 70-year-old head thinking, “Did I miss something here?” Is the puzzle creator aware of the displeasure we have shown? Jimmy Schmitt

Ahrite ahready

Brooklyn: Did CUNY researchers of New York City accents factor in the sloppy diction of some local TV newscasters, which is quickly mimicked by listeners? (“Profs tawkin’ New Yawk,” Aug. 18)? NASA is a space agency, not a Long Island county (nor are “Nasser” and “Nass-o”). The professors did nail that annoying nasal Looney Tunes Syndrome: chehnnel, ehnimals, dehmage, mehnagement, etc.., but a new one has surfaced — words such as shtruggle, shtrike, conshruction, shtorm, shtreaming and more. Sorry, no "h" in any of them. Do those news people have too much saliva or are they half-buzzed while on the air? Language and accents do evolve, just not always to the betterment of our mother tongue or our ears. James D. Young

Our apologies

Edinburgh: Please know that I blame you (America) for our current UK administration of the inept, the venal and the charlatan. Trump’s presidency has lowered the political bar so far down that every creeping crawling thing can now get over it. Amanda Baker


Staten Island: Denmark isn’t interested in selling Greenland. They would, however, consider a trade for Hawaii. Tony Rose

Deigning to writer

Woodhaven: I have never written a fan letter to a newspaper. The Aug.17 front page headline “Fjord to Trump: DROP DEAD” made my day! Thank you for humor in these dark days. Peggy O’Haire

Voting blocks

Little Ferry, N.J.: Bernie Sanders is the latest leftist Democrat to come out in support of criminals and their rights. Why is it that the far left progressives love criminals so much? Could it be that criminals are the quality of people who vote for them? Please spend more time caring for crime victims and less time worrying about the air conditioning in our prisons. Thomas Rogan

National Russian Association

Brooklyn: So the NRA’s lawyer is named Svetlana. Who are the other lawyers, Boris and Natasha? Mike Fallo


Mesa, Az.: Can you help some of us who are going crazy trying to remember the name of a famous old restaurant/night club in New York, which had leopardskin (?) seats? Don’t think it is in existence any more, but we have to know the name! Famous stars appeared there. Would appreciate your help. Thanks in advance. Rita Samlong

Broadway trivia

Beacon, N.Y.: Lorraine Hansberry’s work certainly deserves to be celebrated (“In ‘Sweet Lorraine’ play, actress Valisia LeKae immortalizes Hansberry’s cancer battle – after enduring one of her own,” Aug. 18). Your piece mentioning “A Raisin In The Sun,” however, omitted one key word: dramatic. Hers was the first dramatic play by an African-American to appear on Broadway. But back in the 1920s, musical plays by Eubie Blake and Noble Sissle were not uncommon on Broadway, and were usually tremendous hits. Not to detract from Hansberry’s significant accomplishment, but Blake and Sissle were truly the first. Bettyann Lopate

BDS bias

Fairfield, Conn.: It’s fashionable to sugarcoat the fringe movement to boycott Israel. You fell into that trap in your article “W. Bank matriarch, 90, slams prez after cheap shot” (Aug. 18) when you described the boycott as intended “to pressure Israel into ending the occupation and negotiating an independent Palestinian state.” Hardly. Merely look at the goals of founder Omar Barghouti, who you said in 2013 was seeking “an end to Israel as a Jewish nation” (“Separating fact from fiction on BDS,” editorial, Feb. 25, 2013). Not as benign as your sugarcoating reporter now says. Mark Fishman

Placebo effect

Manhattan: The Daily News is quite ready to experiment on the families and businesses of 14th St. (“Look both ways,” editorial, Aug. 19). It is just too bad, says the Daily Snooze, that hardships are multiplied for the disabled, businesses are shuttered, and their employees out of work. Just too bad if the communities around 14th St. are overwhelmed with traffic. The experiment must go on. I suggest that we first experiment on the families of The News staff and then move on to de Blasio, Polly Trottenberg and Corey Johnson. Alan M. Schlesinger

Met hater

Whiting, N.J.: Why do you have the Mets filth on your covers everyday? It’s disgusting. Stop. Louis Sparacino