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Readers sound off on Chris Cuomo, public charges and Pat Lynch’s mailing


Victim of bullies. (Cindy Ord/Getty Images)
It’s okay Chris, they baited you

Whitestone: Dear Chris Cuomo: I want to give you 100% of my support for your reaction to the coward who approached you while you were trying to enjoy the day with your family. We, unfortunately, are living in a society where people like to “bait” us, with a camera handy to capture the moment. They hope it goes viral and gives these bullies their five minutes of fame. I don’t blame you for your reaction and hope you don’t beat yourself up about it.

We are all getting tired of the bullies who take to social media to spew hate, cause dissension, and ridicule us all from the safety of their keyboard. Recently someone taught me the term Keyboard Warriors. I think it fits. There is no recourse, no repercussions for this behavior. Society has officially run amok! I am so anti-social media, for it has given bullies a huge platform and empowers people to no longer filter themselves and just say whatever they want. It’s a sad commentary on our society and unfortunately, people in high places who once were respected, admired, looked up to, like your father, no longer conduct themselves and use their platform as an example for young people to aspire to.

It’s a mess out there. You were just used as a pawn in this game people are playing. God Bless you, Chris, and don’t beat yourself up for your reaction. You are only human! Ursula Paciullo

Go for bigger fish

Oceanside. L.I.: U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Mark Morgan disputes the word “raids.” He further stated that he understands why a young girl was crying and begging for her father to be brought back but said “her father committed a crime.” How about the corporations that continually employ these workers! To me, that is the far greater crime, along with the government not prosecuting these companies more vigorously. Fining them is a cosmetic approach. Jailing them would be the true deterrent, but rarely do the powerful go after the powerful unless they are embarrassed, such as in the case of Jeffrey Epstein. Tony Giametta

Screen time

Staten Island: Re “Plea to end cycle of pain” (Aug. 14): My suspicion is that many (though not all) cyclist deaths in New York City are due to the blind spots that larger trucks have toward the rear of their vehicles. This is especially true of a large truck’s right side. Often when they make turns or change lanes, they don’t see the small profile of a cyclist and end up striking them. Perhaps the solution is to require video cameras so that the driver can monitor the blind spots of their vehicles. Perhaps this would bring the DOT closer to Vision Zero. Anthony Jackson

The answer

Carmel, N.Y.: It’s the guns, stupid... it’s the guns! Robert Callen

Puzzled out

Ridgefield, Conn.: Thank you, Voicers Rhonda Castellani and Mike Gordeuk for your comments on the Crossword Puzzle II. I am a senior citizen, and yes, I want to keep my mind sharp, but I’m tired of venturing down the rabbit hole six days a week. How about putting your creative juices on the back burner, Mr. Puzzle-man, and giving us a plain old-fashioned puzzle every now and then? Karen Pickering

Happy 70th anniversary!

Staten Island: I read Mike Lupica’s column in the Sunday paper (“Stephen Ross will get the pass that Colin Kaepernick never did,” Aug. 11) and at the end he makes note of his parents’ 69th marriage anniversary — “you read that number right.” I would like to congratulate the Lupicas on their very successful life. My own parents will be married 70 years come the end of October — you also read that number right — so I’d like to congratulate the Besignanos on their very successful life. Neil Besignano

Context matters

North Arlington, N.J.: Re your Aug. 13 editorial “Playing the green card”: Of the 266,077 comments on the proposed public charge rule, how many of those comments came from members of the public who receive benefits? If you are going to publish numbers, don’t exclude the probability that most of those comments might have come from public charges . Richard L. Caroselli

The remedy

Seaside Heights, N.J.: I agree with Voicer Jacques Du Sabre. Regrettably, there will never be another Woodstock. That music festival was about getting along with each other, togetherness, and the acceptance and tolerance of, and for, others — traits that are sorely lacking in today’s society. Given the ethnically motivated slaughter in El Paso, a society plagued by outrageous division and abominable derision, the bigoted venom electronically spewed from elected officials, and the uncaring attitude of the White House; this society is in dire need of a Woodstock event to bring the people together, just like in 1969. Igor LaManna

Out them all

Bronx: When will the Daily News list all of the recipients of Jeffrey Epstein’s political donations? When will the Daily News print the flight logs of his jet? Asking for a friend. Mike Clarke

Disappointed subscriber

Levittown, L.I.: I am a loyal subscriber of your newspaper. This is the first time I am upset with the Daily News. Every day the death of that man Epstein and the injustice that happened to him while in jail is on Page One. I agree some that there is some interest in finding out any wrongdoings by the federal jail, but can you tell me why an article about a correction officer who was almost raped was on page 16, (“Jail guard attacked,” Aug. 13)? Aren’t the officers who protect our jails as important? Page 36? Really? Lisa Gloffke

You’ve got mail

Far Rockaway: Short of being a registered voter, I have never provided any of my personal info to the city. So how is it possible that every registered voter at my home received a letter from Pat Lynch in regards to Queens Councilman Donovan Richards (“NYPD union head blasts city councilman in mass mailing to southeast Queens residents,” Aug. 12)? Who is storing my personal info and why is it being provided to the PBA? Yitzchak T. Goldstein

Lynch’s true colors

Elmont, L.I.: The PBA President Pat Lynch is a racist who is the one forging a division between police and the black community by trying to group good cops with murderers in uniform. He wants to use an old racist trick about street violence to justify racial killings when the history of violence by Irish and Italian street thugs was never used to justify killing innocent people in those communities. Mr. Lynch, you wear your racial hatred like a hat; you need to resign! Vanessa Smith