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Readers sound off on cars in the city, the Q42 and China


Motorist drive along 42nd Street during morning rush hour in Manhattan. (Anthony DelMundo/New York Daily News)
A healthier, safer, car-less NYC

Sunnyside: Driving a car in New York City is beyond irresponsible. You kill us when you run over us. You kill us when you spew pollution into the air we all have to breathe. You kill us when your gridlock blocks firefighters, police officers, and ambulances from going where we need them to go.

Any other product that caused this much death and damage would have been banned decades ago. But not cars. Instead, we let them rule our cities. We give half of most of our streets, space that should belong to all the public, to drivers who use it to store their personal possessions — their cars — when they’re not using them. Parking, it’s called. But no other members of the public are allowed to use that public space. If I try to store my stuff on the street I will be ticketed, or worse. If you are going to have a car you should be required to have your own private, not public, space for its storage.

Stop taking our public space away from us. Stop polluting our air. Stop killing us. New York City politicians — show some political will and get serious about taking cars off our streets. Tom Newby

Get out and vote

Manhattan: Voicer Marcie Waterman Murray proposes a takeover of the NRA by sensible like-minded people who want reasonable gun control measures. Why not just go to the polls at election time and vote for a Democrat for president and Democrats to fill all vacant seats in Congress? It is only with a Democrat-controlled executive and Congress that laws will get passed reinstating the expired ban on assault-style weapons, requiring background checks of all gun buyers, and installing other gun safety measures that the majority of people in this country really want. If you do not go to the polls and make your voices heard, then you cannot complain when the next mass shooting occurs. Chana Schwartz

Money’s worth

Brooklyn: We’re all taught that nonsense that “you get what you pay for,” but that poor man didn’t get crushed to death by a NYCHA elevator in the projects (“Manhattan man crushed by elevator suffered massive injuries to neck and chest,” Aug. 24). He was paying an arm and a leg, uh, for a luxury building, which had two of two elevators that worked like crap and the slumlord still didn’t fix them. Someone better get cuffed fast, both in the government and at the elevator company. Plus the slumlord. Uchena Shorey

Unhappy taxpayer

Astoria: In response to CUNY Chancellor Felix V. Matos Rodriguez’s heartfelt shout out to undocumented students receiving state financial aid (“Honor NYC’s immigrant students,” op-ed, Aug. 30): Why are my tax dollars being used to subsidize people who have no right to be in the country? Bradley Morris

Let them eat cake?

Bronx: Trump says there is no recession on the horizon and the economy is great. However, I don’t know where he sees rich consumers. I am on Social Security and a 403(b) and I can barely keep my head above water. Trump is beyond rich and only associates with the rich and does not see the rest of us. He cannot see how his tariffs are past down to the consumers because he is insulated. Price makes no difference to him. It does to the rest of us. Anna Maria McCorry

Concerned commuter

Jamaica: I have been on a campaign to restore weekend service on the Q42 bus, as well as extend the weekday service by another hour or two. My church — Shiloh Baptist Church of Jamaica — and our members are heavily affected by the loss of the weekend service, not to mention the riders along the Q42 route. The population in Jamaica has almost tripled in the last five years and is continuously growing. Thus the necessity for the restoration of weekend service for the Q42 bus. Also, as an avid bus rider, I have noticed there are bus lines with much longer routes and much less ridership than the Q42 but they have not been discontinued. Danielle L. Brodnax

Ringling Bros. wannabes

Lakewood, N.J.: When will the supporters of the Orange Clown and his traveling circus admit that #45 is a complete disaster and detriment to our once-great country? Frank Mongiello

Money wars

Spotswood, N.J.: Do you enjoy being ripped off? How do you feel when people steal from you? China has been ripping off the United States by the billions for decades. Every single American should be outraged by this. We should not put up with it for another minute. If your hatred for our president blinds you to this reality, then you really need to take a deep look at yourself. All Americans should back President Trump in his fight for equal trade agreements with China. Tom Scott

Education woes

Manhattan: We have listened for years to people say that poverty is the main reason for low academic performance. Then people of Asian decent debunked that theory with spectacular achievement based on old-fashioned hard work. Then there were the specious claims that tests were biased. Now New York City is considering eliminating merit-based academic programs. Are we supposed to accept that hard work and determination matter less than a fantastical claims that diversity matters more than accomplishment? At what point does individual, parental and community responsibility matter? Richard Kiley

Grammar police

Brooklyn: From your Aug. 26 story on dropping the fast-track program for elementary school students (“NYC school diversity panel recommends scrapping gifted and talented program for better integration”): “Report authors proposed a ‘moratorium’ on new schools with so-called academic screens, but said eliminating the existing screens would require more study. They did, however, say high schools should not be allowed to consider attendance, lateness, or home district as a criteria for admission.” But can they consider knowing the difference between criteria (plural) and criterion (singular)? Kirk Nicewonger

The CliffNotes

Manhattan: I wonder why Voicer Ronald D. Roberts would admit to buying Giuliani’s book or that he actually read it, cover to cover. All you had to do was watch him in public for the past 30 years to know he is a hypocrite. Steven Davies

Opposing sides

Massapequa Park, L.I.: Voicer Dorothy Garvin claims that horrific shootings take place and the “shooters” are allowed to walk out with their hands up and “not shot dead on sight” because, “Oh, they’re white.” I guess she missed the shootout in Philadelphia when hundreds of rounds were fired and Philadelphia police officers were hit by gun fire. That shooter was allowed to walk out with his hands up! And by the way, he was not white. Raymond P. Moran