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Readers sound off on Bruce Springsteen, Tulsi Gabbard and digital MTA schedules


The Boss 2020. (Brad Barket/Brad Barket/Invision/AP)
Bruce Springsteen, our only hope?

Medford, L.I.: Voter enthusiasm is by far President Trump’s greatest and most intimidating strength against the Democratic field. Many of the frontrunner Democrats can only muster up crowds of a few hundred supporters. What possible leftist non-politician candidate could not only match Trump’s voter enthusiasm, but dwarf it 100 times over?

There’s a new movie out called “Blinded by the Light” which features the music of rock icon and reliable leftist, Bruce Springsteen, whose most popular album, “Born in the USA," was released 35 years ago. But since that time, he has never really gone off the pop-culture radar as he’s about to join the immensely prestigious and rare “EGOT" club: an artist who has won an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony award.

In the aforementioned movie, the respect that Springsteen commands is off the charts and no one should be surprised if Springsteen experiences a resurgence of popularity because of it. While watching the movie, I couldn’t help but wonder how his potential candidacy would stack up against Trump’s re-election bid.

Since the Trump campaign puts such a high premium on the enthusiasm and turnout of Trump’s rallies, how would they get their arms around Bruce Springsteen — Trump’s natural ideological enemy — holding a political event in the shadow of Trump’s campaign headquarters at Trump Tower in New York’s Central Park that could draw anywhere from 3 to 5 million people? Would this envisioned mega-event be a game changer? Eugene R. Dunn

Fourth time’s a charm

Bronx: This will make the fourth letter I’m sending on your ignoring the presidential campaign of Rep. Tulsi Gabbard. Her economic positions are similar to Sen. Bernie Sanders and she is unequivocal in her opposition to regime-change wars. That’s two reasons why the Daily News doesn’t like her. She called out Sen. Kamala Harris for trying (as a prosecutor) to suppress DNA evidence in the case of a man on death row due to a questionable conviction. Your story on that debate ignored this. You also ignored Harris’s record of defending questionable convictions, even when the defendant is proven innocent. It’s not Russian ads on the internet that rig elections. It’s the mainstream media’s tendency to suppress negatives of its favored candidates while ignoring those it opposes. Also, that media is the Dr. Frankenstein that belatedly bemoans the damage done by the monster it created, President Donald Trump. Richard Warren

Tool kit

Brooklyn: I was raised Southern Baptist and the symbolic Last Supper painting hung in our home displayed proudly on the wall in the foyer and again as a painted plate hanging on the kitchen wall. My siblings and I were taught to respect this painting. I did not find your use of the painting offensive. What I find more offensive is how low our president will go to use his position as leader of our nation to flaunt his power and control. We must use any means necessary to expose this president for the kind of person he really is. If some find your use offensive, at least this means they are paying attention. Mary Whitaker

He’s back

Congers, N.Y.: To all of the Voicers who found the depiction of the Last Supper with Trump and his minions offensive: It’s just a picture. I think what is really offensive is that the toddler-in-chief in the White House fancies himself the Second Coming of the Lord. Beth Friscino

Offensive to religion

Geneva, N.Y.: We have written several times but have not received a public apology for the Daily News’ disrespect towards the sacred belief in Jesus Christ. You have depicted a human being to be able to take Jesus’ place. I respect the office of the president of the United States as a citizen and a Navy veteran. I am first a Christian with my moral compass towards God. We are hoping to receive some kind of regret for degrading our beliefs. I am sure you would be more careful if it was towards any other religion, please have respect to all. I am a citizen and am presently serving my country. I am concerned for the future of our lives. Clara Garcia

Minnesota’s Pantaleo

Sunnyside: : Voicer Phil Antico asked if an African-American police officer would be treated by the NYPD in the same way as Officer Daniel Pantaleo. I just want to point out that there was a case in Minnesota recently in which African-American police officer Mohamed Noor was convicted of manslaughter after he unintentionally shot a white woman to death. It’s very obvious that Officer Daniel Pantaleo and Officer Mohamed Noor in Minnesota needed to receive better training when responding to emergency situations. Therefore, we can safely say that they were both treated unfairly. John Francis Fox


Schenectady, N.Y.: Dear Voicer Carmine Coluccio: FYI, millions know who Gloria Steinem is. FYI, millions are very happy with what she said, slamming Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for barring Reps. IIhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib. Diane Hombach

Voicers for 2020

Manhattan: Mayor and presidential candidate de Blasio says anything can happen in his campaign “today, where people go from 100% unknown to widely known in the course of days” because of social media. I’m convinced. I hereby announce my candidacy for president of the United States. Peter Lushing

No downside

Clearwater, Fla.: Joe Walsh’s GOP primary challenge to President Trump is solely for self-serving reasons. Walsh knows he can’t beat Trump. But, if nothing else, running for president will certainly boost his popularity. JoAnn Lee Frank

Going paperless

Brooklyn: Can someone explain why the MTA found it necessary to remove the time schedules from each bus stop? They suggest you go on line and look up the schedule. What are the elderly and people with no access to the internet supposed to do? Another ridiculous plan for improvement. Antoinette Giovino

Proper memorial

Levittown, N.Y.: Forget all this debate over which license plate should be instituted. We need to listen to Voicer Edith Cardaci. I lost my uncle on that horrible day and would love to see the governor make the plates with a picture of the Twin Towers. This will insure the people will never forget. James Moran


Brooklyn: I remember a club in the Village named Electric Circus. What was unique, at the time, was the revolving dance floor! Also, this club had such a diverse crowd of people that would come to party. Good times! Dorothy L. Kendle

Bigger fish to fry

Forest Hills: When I saw the headline “Feds nab bigot bully” (Aug. 21), I thought they finally arrested the 2-year-old in the White House. A pizza place closes because they owed taxes, but yet the idiot golfing (oops — running) this country has yet to show how much he’s paid. Stop going after the small businesses and go after the real tax deadbeats. Sherri Rosen