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Queens NYPD lieutenant gets phone threats after protester’s arrest: sources


An NYPD lieutenant has been bombarded with dozens of phone calls and text messages threatening him over the arrest of a Black Lives Matter protester in Queens, police sources told the Daily News.

The messages started popping up on the officer’s phone Sunday afternoon, after pro-police and Black Lives Matter protesters clashed in Crocheron Park in Queens.

The lieutenant got about 30 phone calls and 40 texts on his department phone, including photos of severed legs and limbs, and messages like “Let are (cq) friend go,” “We have all of your personal info” and “Watch you back, we will blast you,” sources told The News on Monday.

His name started circulating on social media after one of the Black Lives Matter protesters, Yacine Diallo, 21, was arrested.

He was the only person arrested at the protest. Video posted on Instagram shows a supervising officer in a white shirt chase a man and slam him into an SUV before knocking him to the ground. Moments later, the pro-cop protesters start chanting “NYPD! NYPD!”

Police charged Diallo with inciting a riot, assault, harassment and disorderly conduct, though an NYPD spokesman had no information on the actions that led to those charges. He was given a desk appearance ticket and is expected to face the charges in Queens Criminal Court in October, officials said.

Police were investigating whether the lieutenant was bombarded with messages because his phone was “hacked,” sources said.

The alleged harassers may have simply done an internet search. The lieutenant used to work as a Neighborhood Coordination Officer in Brooklyn, and NCOs typically make sure the public can reach them via phone or e-mail with concerns.

When asked about the threats, NYPD Spokeswoman Sgt. Mary O’Donnell told The News on Monday, “We take threats against our officers seriously. While we won’t comment on the specifics of the threat, it remains under investigation.”