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Prominent psychiatrist at wits end sues bratty, rich-kid patient for abuse


A prominent psychiatrist might need some therapy himself after a filthy rich, narcissistic client pushed him to the edge with violent threats, vile insults and a bitter campaign to damage his reputation, according to a table-turning lawsuit where the doctor is suing the patient.

Paul Conti says he’s had enough, and that the bratty rich kid’s enabling parents have done nothing to help.

Instead of dispensing the tough love the unidentified patient needs, his high-profile parents have only made things worse for “John Doe” with private plane trips and luxury getaways.

“The closest Doe’s father came to setting boundaries was, on one occasion for a limited period of time, prohibiting Doe from using one of his two Lamborghinis,” according to a lawsuit Conti filed in Manhattan Federal Court. “However, Doe’s extravagant lifestyle, including a private jet and unlimited cash, has remained unchanged.”

The defendant’s parents appeared at a closed-door hearing Monday in a bid to convince a judge to toss the lawsuit.

The parents are making the case that the therapy sessions were confidential, and should not be the subject of lawsuit.

The parents said they also met with Conti as part of the counseling sessions, and want to protect those conversations as well.

The 34-year-old defendant is the youngest son of a real estate and retail tycoon whose net worth is between $2 and $5 billion. Conti said the parents have continued to enable to upstart to protect the family brand.

Conti said the family has ignored his efforts to wean his client off Xanax, a drug used to manage anxiety order. Conti said he fears for his safety and reputation.