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Planes and automobiles: With for-hire vehicles flooding airports, the Port Authority makes an odd choice


The horrific traffic at LaGuardia isn’t just from the needed rebuilding of the terminals and roadways. It’s also caused by what the Port Authority calls the “extraordinary increase” in Uber, Lyft and other for-hire vehicles that have “deluged” the airports, up 39% over 2018 at LaGuardia, Kennedy and Newark.

Which is why the Port wants new fees on app-car passengers arriving at or departing from the airports, fees in place at all of nation’s 15 largest airports, except the three here. They had proposed $4, on the low end of the spectrum.

So why did they drop the amount to $2.50 and hold off on imposing it until more than a year from now? Isn’t traffic a nightmare now? And while suffering yellow taxis will just be dunned $1.25 on pick-ups only, why were private cars left harmless?

And if the point is to discourage car trips, why are they simultaneously hiking fares on the Kennedy and Newark Airtrains by 40% and 36% respectively, making it not worth a family’s while to go via public transit? The trains should be cheaper or even free.

Can’t they get anything right?