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Perv sentenced to 1 year in prison for threatening federal judge


An Orange County perv was slapped with an additional year behind bars Friday for threatening a federal judge who had just sentenced him to 20 years for sexually abusing a minor.

Clint Edwards, 29, was on his best behavior in Manhattan Federal Court when Judge Paul Oetken handed down the sentence for the violent outburst in White Plains District Court on Nov. 30, 2018.

During that previous proceeding, Edwards went berserk after being slapped with the hefty sentence for his sick abuse of a 14-year-old girl.

“F--k you stupid b---h I should kill you too ..... You stupid ho. You have the nerve to talk about my f-----g record, I’ll show you my record!" he screamed at a prosecutor, throwing her papers in the air amid the barrage of harsh insults.

U.S. Marshals restrained the Edwards. His arm was broken in the melee, but he kept hollering threats. “You want to see violence, I’m going to show you violence!” he said.

He also direct his rage at Judge Cathy Seibel.

“You’ll see me again (judge), hopefully you are still alive you f-----g ho,” he said.

A notably more subdued Edwards apologized to Oetken Friday.

“I thought it was unfair. I just lost it,” he said.

His attorney, David Bertain, said Edwards had mental illnesses that needed to be treated.

“He’s had to deal with his own feelings of shame about what happened in that courtroom,” he said.

Oetken’s sentence was technically three years, though two of them will run concurrently with Edwards’ 20-year sentence. The sicko’s criminal record goes back to 2011 and includes attacks on his own mother and a girlfriend. In the last year he’s been involved in two violent incidents behind bars, according to prosecutors.

“The defendant was clearly upset,” Oetken said.

“There was and is every reason to take these threats seriously.”