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Pennsylvania couple busted after spending over $100,000 the bank accidentally deposited


A Pennsylvania couple drew the “bank error not in your favor” card and went directly to jail after getting arrested for spending money that was deposited into their account by their bank by accident.

Pennsylvania state police investigators said Robert and Tiffany Williams of Montoursville, in the central part of the state, accidentally had $120,000 deposited into their account at BB&T on May 31 after a teller made a mistake.

However, instead of notifying the bank, the couple went on a spending spree, blowing their windfall on things like a new SUV and four-wheel off-road vehicles in less than three weeks.

The couple also gave money to friends and paid bills and for car repairs, investigators said.

After BB&T noticed its mistake, it transferred the money to the right account and contacted the Williamses and said the couple would have to repay $107,000.

After initial talks, Tiffany Williams said they would work out a payment plan but then the couple cut off communications with the bank.

Now they’re facing felony theft charges.

After their arrest and arraignment, the pair was released on $25,000 bail.