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Parking brake needed: Where is de Blasio’s promised reform of auto placards?


No special placard perks. (Luiz C. Ribeiro/for New York Daily News)

The Brooklyn borough president is absolutely right that there shouldn’t be “an Eric Adams rule” on parking placards and “it’s one rule in this city,” as he said at an open meeting on placards he convened at Borough Hall Tuesday after people complained about his office’s abuse of their free parking perks.

But Adams is dead wrong to say, "I fought my entire life to make sure men that look like me don’t have different rules than everyone else. It’s not going to be a rule just for Eric Adams — the first African American borough president [of Brooklyn].” No one is going after Adams because he’s a black man. He’s a target because his staff has been violating terms of use of the parking passes, as have lots and lots of other government employees.

Too cheap to pay for parking like the rest us have to, these freeloaders misuse a privilege meant for official duties.

Adams insists he won’t change his ways until everyone else does too. Deal. So let’s hurry up and institute Mayor de Blasio’s citywide reforms that he promised six months ago. Dashboard placards are supposed to be replaced with permanent stickers. What happened? And how about those scan-able license plates?

And what about the “strict three-strike policy for misusing a placard, culminating in revocation?”

Mr. Mayor, the borough president is ready to get in line once you set out the new requirements. How much longer must we wait?