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Orlando Pride soccer player greets 1-year-old fan with one arm ‘fist bump’ in adorable photo


This Orlando Pride player and her 1-year-old fan have a lot in common: they were both born with one arm.

The picture-perfect moment of the two sharing a “fist bump” went viral. In the picture, Carson Pickett, 25, looks at Joseph Tidd and says, “We have the same arm!” and then the duo “fist bump” after the game at the Exploria Stadium in Orlando, Fla.

"Staying up late this weekend was worth it when you get to cheer on @carson.pickett," the post, alongside a photo of the two interacting on the sidelines, read. Other photos show Joseph smiling, and clearly ecstatic, that he got to see Pickett on the field.

The 1-year-old has been a big fan of Pickett since they first met during the Orlando Pride’s home opener. Since they both were born without a left forearm, the pair have shared a special connection ever since they were first introduced.

“She bent down and showed Joseph her arm, and then he had this kind of ‘a-ha moment’ where he just paused, looked at her face and looked at her arm, and then all of a sudden this big smile came on his face,” said Miles Tidd, Joseph’s father.

Joseph's mom, Colleen Tidd, added that even after the photo was taken they "were driving home and the whole time [Joseph] just stared at his arm and was giggling so he was you know taking it all in, literally the whole entire time driving home he was just giggling and enjoying that moment realizing that you know there are others that are like him."

Joseph’s parents and the soccer star’s parents have also become close friends, according to Joseph’s Instagram, because they get to ask the “tough questions about how to deal with bullies” and they admire how the Pickett family raised their daughter to never say “I can’t.”

The Tidd family said the cheery photo — and their son's Instagram account — has helped them educate and connect with people about being "differently able."

“This was the moment I love to see when those with a lucky fin connect. We have been lucky enough to see this several times at our lucky fin meet ups with other kids and adults.”