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Once hitless Chris Davis pops homer against Red Sox


It’s been a week since Chris Davis broke the record for futility.

Monday, the once hitless Davis hit a home run off a pitch by Boston’s Heath Hembree. The homer drove in Renato Nunez, to give the Orioles a commanding 6-1 lead over Boston in the top of the eighth.

Chris Davis, r, watches his two-run home fly to right-field. (Michael Dwyer/AP)

Two days ago, Davis was 0-for his last 54, going back to September 2018. But the 2015 American League home run leader gave the world a “reminder,” he was -- or still is, if you consider one home run since his last on Aug. 24, 2018 -- supposed to be a “big hitter.”

Of course, Twitter ran rampant over how funny the situation is: Chris Davis... of the Orioles... hit a home run... over the reigning (but currently losing) World Series champion Red Sox... at Fenway Park.

Only two days ago, Davis ended his futility streak with a two-run single -- one of three hits for the day -- also against the Red Sox. So really, is it that much more of a big deal considering the Red Sox’ 6-11 early-season record?