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Nursing aide admits to ‘fetish for older females,’ charged with multiple sexual assaults in Florida nursing home


A nursing aide accused of preying on elderly patients at four assisted living facilities blamed a “fetish for older females under his care” for his perverted actions.

Falo Kane, 32, was arrested Sept. 16 on multiple counts of sexual assault, two of which occurred this year and another pair dating back to 2016.

In an incident that occurred earlier this month, he allegedly digitally penetrated an elderly patient in a shower when he was supposed to be changing the woman’s undergarment.

The 13-year health care industry veteran allegedly confessed to Pinellas County cops in West Florida that he also “crossed the line” when he asked an elderly patient in a wheelchair if she’d ever seen a black penis. When she answered in the affirmative, he tried forcing her to perform oral sex.

In once case, Kane digitally penetrated a stroke victim who was “physically helpless to resist,” police allege.

That victim reportedly asked Kane to stop repeatedly. He said he “probably wore a glove" while committing the act.

During one of his alleged assaults, Kane allegedly forced a victim to orally pleasure him to completion.

Police say Kane confessed to the alleged crimes when they questioned him last week and also wrote “a generic appology (sic) letter to all of his victims.”

He is being held on $400,000 bond on several felony counts.

The 13-year healthcare industry veteran was reportedly given 11 months probation for misdemeanor battery in 2018 after being convicted of improperly massaging an elderly woman because he “thought she would like it.”