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Nine kids aged 10 to 12 were hospitalized for eating pot-infused candy at school


They’re a little young for a junior high.

Nine kids in southeast Florida, aged 10 to 12, are home safely after being hospitalized “in an abundance of caution” Friday when they inadvertently ate THC-laced candy at school, according to USA Today.

The marijuana chewables shared similar packaging with a brand of sour candy, a spokeswoman said. A child reportedly brought the treats to share with classmates, who began complaining about stomach pain around 1 p.m. It’s unclear how the mix-up occurred, though Broward County cops are investigating the incident.

According to Local 10 news, the Renaissance Charter School students in Cooper City, Fla., thought they were consuming Sour Patch gummies when the product they’d ingested is known as “Stoney Patch” candies.

All nine children, seven boys and two girls, were checked and brought to an emergency room for evaluation before returning home later that day, according to school spokeswoman Colleen Reynolds.

“This deceptive advertising package can put children at risk, and we want all parents to be aware of the potential impacts,” Reynolds said in a statement.