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Nick Kyrgios tells himself that he 'could not have picked a more boring sport’ as he wins in straight sets at the U.S. Open


It’s well-documented at this point that tennis’ enfant terrible Nick Kyrgios is, at best, ambivalent about his career. On Tuesday night, he was caught on camera reminding himself of this absolute truth.

“You could not have picked a more boring sport as a profession,” Kyrigios told himself as he walked back behind the baseline after a point.

Kyrgios, who has otherworldly gifts as a tennis player, would rather be playing basketball. But he showed up to Flushing Meadows all the same and dispatched Steve Johnson in straight sets, 6-3, 7-6(1), 6-4.

In typical Kyrgios form, he was coming up with his signature blend of spectacular shots and DGAF plays.

Take, for example, this cross-court drop-shot volley which was so filthy that Louis Armstrong Stadium should have immediately been quarantined and declared a hazardous zone.

Shots like that simply should not be possible.

But his most audacious moment of the night was when he attempted a between the legs passing shot that, had it not fell a few inches out of play, would have been the highlight of the tournament. That it even had a chance of landing in the court is an achievement of its own.

After the match, in which Kyrgios got into a spat with chair umpire James Keothavong over the code violation he recieved for dropping a few explitives, Kyrgios was asked about his run-ins with his ATP overlords. Kyrgios did not mince words, according to the Guardian.

“The ATP is pretty corrupt anyway. I’m not fussed about it at all,” Kyrgios told reporters. “I was fined $113K for what? Why are we talking about something that happened three weeks ago when I just chopped up someone first round of a US Open?”

No lies spotted. Let that man live.