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New Snickers Pecan candy bar sells out one day after going on sale


That’s just nuts.

Mars Incorporated’s newest candy bar, Snickers Pecan, has sold out a day after it went on sale.

On Wednesday, the limited-edition candy bar went on sale online via the custom website – and within a day, the site was no longer accepting orders.

A message stating “SORRY BUT WE’VE SOLD OUT!” appeared on the site on Thursday.

“Unfortunately, we’re all out of SNICKERS Pecan right now.”

The new Snickers Pecan Bars were only available for $30 as part of a pack of 15.

According to the Hackettstown, N.J.-based candy giant, customers elected for Mars to try doing a Snickers with pecans — over other options like macadamia nuts, cashews and pistachios — when the company embarked on “The Great American Nut Search.”

"We were eager to involve our fans in developing our newest flavor innovation," the company’s brand director Josh Olken said in a statement about the contest. "It turned out that fans from Texas and across the south are nuts about pecans and wanted to taste America's native nut in our iconic candy bar.”

"Texas Proud" is printed on the wrapping paper of the candy bars, which Olken said were produced in Waco, Texas.

Mars, Inc. is the manufacturer of some of the most world’s popular candies, including M&M’S, Twix, Milky Way and Dove.

Unlike this past summer’s Popeye’s chicken sandwich pandemonium, Mars did indeed brand the Snickers Pecan as a “limited edition” item.

No word on whether more will be available.