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Mystery NYC Council member under investigation for conflict-of-interest violations



The City Council’s Ethics Committee voted Tuesday to investigate an unnamed Council member for potentially breaking the city’s conflict-of-interest law.

The committee refused to name the member until the allegations are substantiated.

“After reviewing the results of an initial inquiry completed by the Office of the General Counsel, the committee found that a further investigation into these potential violations was warranted,” said Ethics Committee Chairman Steve Matteo (R-Staten Island).

“Should the potential violations be found to be substantiated, the committee will consider issuing charges, at which time the Council member’s identity will be made public,” he added.

Before the committee went into a closed-door session to vote on the investigation, Matteo suggested he would be remiss to name the member before the allegations are substantiated.

He pointed to an unspecified previous case in which the panel considered an investigation and never brought charges ?— and that Council member’s name was never revealed.

The new investigation comes as Councilman Andy King (D-Bronx) is facing charges of sexual harassment, conflict-of-interest violations, disorderly conduct and retaliation.

The Ethics Committee brought a new charge of retaliation against King earlier this month.