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‘Mr. Appalachian Trail’ Mark Sanford hits Trump on spending after ‘Three Stooges’ jibe


Republican politician Mark Sanford (Mary Altaffer/AP)

Mark Sanford, who is planning a Republican primary challenge to President Trump, says he’s no stooge when it comes to dealing with out-of-control federal spending.

Hours after Trump branded him and two rivals the “Three Stooges,” Sanford told the president to cut out the insults — and start cutting the budget.

Sanford, the former South Carolina governor who got caught in an embarrassing affair a decade ago, said Trump is spending 27% more than President Obama and has let the deficit balloon on his watch.

“It’s time for a change,” Sanford wrote on Twitter.

Trump on Tuesday branded Sanford and two other GOP challengers the “Three Stooges.” He also poked fun at Sanford for jetting to Argentina to be with his mistress when he famously claimed he was hiking on the Appalachian Trail in 2009 as his marriage imploded.

Along with Sanford, ex-Massachusetts Gov. William Weld and onetime Tea Party firebrand Joe Walsh are challenging Trump in the primary.

GOP heavyweights like Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) and ex-Ohio Gov. John Kasich say they will sit out the race despite criticizing Trump.

Trump boasted that he isn’t worried about the intramural spat and for once the fact-challenged guy in the White House has a point. Even as his approval ratings sag among all Americans, Trump remains historically popular among GOP voters.