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Mother of Wisconsin 11-year-old charged with murder for killing infant defends daughter


The mother of a young girl in custody at an adult facility for allegedly killing a 6-month old baby at a Wisconsin daycare defended her daughter in a new interview and denied she had any intention of harming the infant.

“There is no way it was done in any type of intentional way,” the mother, who was not identified to protect her daughter, told Inside Edition.

Chippewa County deputies responded to a daycare in Tilden, which also double as a foster home, on Oct. 30, 2018 and discovered the 6-month-old unresponsive and bleeding from his head. He was rushed to St. Joseph’s Hospital and then to Gillette Children’s Specialty Hospital, where he died from his injuries just two days later.

Police said a 10-year-old girl at the facility, who has since turned 11, accidentally dropped the young victim, who hit his head on a footstool as he fell. She then allegedly stomped on him to silence his cries out of fear she would get in trouble.

When asked if she could remember what her daughter said following the incident, the mother replied: “That it was, just that was it was an accident. And you know? I believe my daughter.”

Following her arrest, the child suspect was placed in a juvenile detention facility for a couple of months. She sobbed through her initial hearing in Chippewa County Court last year, when she was charged with first-degree intentional homicide by someone older than 10.

Wisconsin law requires the case – at least initially – be held in adult court, though it could later be transferred to juvenile court. The girl is currently being held in the adult unit at the Winnebago Mental Health Institute on $50,000 cash bond.

“She’s the youngest person there. She’s 11 years old with women 40 years old and over,” her mother told Inside Edition.

“At 10, your brain can’t process half the stuff that me or you or anybody else can.”

A friend of the family launched a GuFundMe campaign in August to raise money in a bid to bring the young girl home, which is located about four hours away from the facility where she is currently in custody.

“She is a sweet, loving and caring little girl who deserves to be with her family,” the description reads. “What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty?”

The parent noted that she felt her daughter, who she described as “beautiful, intelligent” and “smart,” had been painted as monster following the incident.

“She wants to be a doctor,” she said. “She wants to save people.”

Her mother also told the news outlet her child suffered from a mental illness that they’d been unable to get her help for. Ahead of the incident, they sought out treatment for, but were turned away because the girl was too young.

Ultimately, the family opted to send her to the daycare three days a week as a last resort.

The girl’s mother said if they’d been able to get treatment, her daughter “wouldn’t have been” at the day care and the baby boy’s death “wouldn’t have happened.”

Officials previously declared the young suspect not competent to stand trial. They said if she is able to better understand the circumstances the case can resume.

She is slated to again appear in court on Oct. 10.