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More evidence of TWU Local 100 bus slowdown surfaces in Twitter vid


The wheels on the buses are going round and round a little less frequently as contract negotiations heat up between NYC Transit and the transport workers union.

A video from a top transit union official posted on social media Monday revealed that members of Transport Workers Union Local 100 are ratcheting up their efforts to extract concessions from the MTA.

In a video shot “live from Michael J. Quill depot,” TWU Operators Division Chairman Donald Yates says he’s checking to make sure buses are “safe for the public."

“That’s what we’re here to do this morning,” he says from inside the West Side depot.

The 16-second snippet appears to be a clear reference to a Daily News story last week that reported union members were using such safety checks to slow service down in an attempt to pressure management.

@local100_1 Checking to make sure our @mtamabstoa @TWULocal100 Operators and our Customers are in a Safe Bus

Service was delayed throughout Brooklyn last Thursday after TWU officials showed up at two of the borough’s biggest depots to demand inspections, causing late departure times.

A source familiar with the move told The News last week that it was in response to the bitter contract negotiations that have dragged on between the MTA and the TWU since May.

Monday’s video appears to indicate that the TWU is now expanding its pressure campaign to Manhattan.

The Michael J. Quill Depot, named after a founder of the TWU, houses buses that run along several important crosstown bus routes, including those that traverse 14th, 23rd and 34th streets.

Yates did not immediately respond.

The MTA and TWU also did not immediately return calls.