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Mike Francesa’s app, which was going to change the course of history, is gone


Mike Francesa’s “Mike’s On” app is dead after a year, as WFAN’s parent company has bought it and taken down the paywall. Entercom and Francesa announced Tuesday that his digital-only content will head to, an Entercom property like WFAN, and be free.

The app will be free in September, then move to the website on October 1. Francesa was charging $8.99 monthly or $98.99 annually for the app’s content.

Francesa “retired” from radio in December 2017, then returned to WFAN in April 2018, and launched the much-hyped app in August 2019.

Francesa's app is no more. (Cindy Ord)

He claimed the app was popular, but subscriptions to watch a simulcast of his radio show plus exclusive football shows on weekends were apparently hard to come by. He appeared to suggest last October that the app had about a thousand subscribers.

While melting down in a dispute then about the number of subscribers the app had, Francesa hinted that the app was more important to him than his WFAN job, and that his ownership of the app was a stumbling block for a WFAN contract.

Francesa has been working without a contract for a while. With the app off the table, he’s clear to sign a long-term deal with WFAN.