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Michigan couple buying $450 phone scammed with 2 bars of soap in iPhone box


What they thought was an iphone turned out to be a soapy swindle.

A Michigan couple buying a $450 phone discovered they had been scammed and instead received an iPhone box with 2 bars of soap inside.

“When I first saw it, it was shiny, wrapped in plastic like they had taken their time,” Thomas Greenarch told local Fox affiliate WJBK. “As soon as I went to open it they took off. I was more angry with myself that I let it happen.”

Greenarch said he and his wife saved for six months to buy their 14-year-old daughter a phone and they found what they thought was a good deal on the app Let Go. They messaged the 18-year-old seller and met up to buy it.

“I guess in retrospect you can see things, but at the time it seemed legitimate,” Greenarch told WJBK.

They met at Allen Point Apartments and as soon as the victim opened the wrapper, the seller ran into back into the apartment building’s locked door.

Greenarch said the incident was made even worse by the fact that he has serious brain damage from a car crash. His wife works, but money is tight and having $450 stolen is a financial setback.

Allen Park Police found the seller by tracking her phone number. She was ticketed, but it’s only a misdemeanor because the amount stolen was under $500.

“You don’t think it’s going to happen to you, but it did,” Allen Park Police Det. Jim Thorburn said.

The couple will probably never see the money they lost again, but were able to find another phone for their daughter on Craigslist, WJBK reported.