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Meghan Markle surprises women at school in Malawi with Skype call during Prince Harry’s visit


Now that’s a royal surprise.

Prince Harry visited with women at the Nalikule College of Education on Sunday during his trip to Malawi — and Meghan Markle greeted them via Skype during her husband’s appearance.

A photo of the moment shows Harry and some of the women smiling as a grinning Markle appears on the TV screen in front of them.

Students sang for Harry after he arrived at the school and then sat down inside as the Duke of Sussex spoke to them, as seen in video shared to the official Sussex Royal Instagram page.

Harry, 34, later put his arms around two of the women as the group sang another song.

Sunday marks the seventh day of Harry’s tour of Africa. He finished up his trip to Angola on Saturday.

During Sunday’s visit, Harry saw how the CAMA network — an alumni organization for graduates of the Campaign for Female Education program — is supporting young women in Malawi.

He met with 40 women Sunday, according to the Royal Sussex, which said each of them are “now experts in the field of girl’s education and empowerment.” The network features 140,000 members in Africa, 17,500 of whom are from Malawi.

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