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Manny Machado can buy over 40,000 burritos (or other quirky things) with Padres deal


Well, Manny Machado isn’t Bronx Bound. Instead, he’s off to San Diego.

But need not worry, Yainee, the wife of the superstar infielder, who fell in love with the city upon visiting the Yankees in December — as reported by The Daily News’ Wallace Matthews.

For the Machado’s can take over the two most expensive homes for sale in the Big Apple, a downtown penthouse worth $100 million and an Upper East Side mansion priced at $88 million, and then some, with his sparkling newly-agreed upon 10-year, $300 million contract with the Padres. (Machado would come up about $200 million short on the most expensive home in America, located in Bel-Air.)

Manny Machado is set. (Getty Images/New York Daily News composite.)

If he doesn’t want to ditch his native Miami in the offseason, though, Machado could always save up for 42,857,142 “California Burritos,” a tasty tidbit revealed by ABC’s Kari Steele. Tacos can be had for a tad bit extra.

Finagle the richest free agent contract in American sports history, and you can spend, spend and spend some more.

Should Machado feel the need to mend relations with brother-in-law Yonder Alonso and close friend Jon Jay — both of whom were brought in by the White Sox to help lure the star to Chicago — for spurning the White Sox, he can ball out on 41 bottles of the world’s most expensive vodka, Billionaire Vodka. The bottle comes decorated in almost two thousand diamonds set in gold, according to Or, 41,379,310 cups of 20 oz. beer from Petco Park, home of the Padres, if brews are more their style.

Money can’t buy happ— hold up. If you’re Machado or Giancarlo Stanton, owner of the richest deal in baseball history (13 year, $325 million extension signed in 2014), it sure can. Tacos, too.