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Man mowed down, critically injured at Queens intersection by driver who fled the scene


A hit-and-run driver left a pedestrian in critical condition in Queens on Wednesday.

A man was mowed down and critically injured Wednesday night after a driver struck him at a Queen intersection and then kept on going, police said.

The 50-year-old man, whose name was not immediately released, was walking south on 160th St. and crossing at Liberty Ave. in Jamaica at 8:10 p.m. when he was hit by a car speeding east on Liberty, police said. The driver didn’t stop, and continued driving east.

The pedestrian was rushed in critical condition to Jamaica Hospital.

The “car went by. I heard the sound," said a man who was driving north on 160th St. and saw the gruesome accident. “And I looked up and saw the body crumple over the car. And (the car) didn’t hesitate at all... it hit him worse because he didn’t stop.”

"So I made the right turn, turned my hazards on, and started to go around the body. His body was sprawled.”

“He was real still," said the driver, who would only give his first name as Trent. "He started struggling and trying to breathe. He had a real bad head injury... I said ‘hold on, help is on the way, hold on.’ Hopefully he makes it.”

A pedestrian who gave his first name as Donald said he was at the intersection “just waiting to cross” when the speeding driver approached.

“Traffic was flowing and a guy was on the opposite side heading this way," he said. “(The driver) had the light but still ran it before it could change. And they physically hit the person with their car and did not stop. They knew it was a human being and didn’t stop. It was still light out.”

“He just kept on going. It was a straight up hit and run. He hit the person, the person went over their car and he kept on going.”

“I was shocked. It happened so quickly.”