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Make like Kirsten, Bill: A graceful exit awaits de Blasio


Be more like Gill, Bill! (AP)

Thank you, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, for returning from the land of Notgonnahappen to focus full-time on the legislative job you get $174,000 from taxpayers to do.

We see you, Mayor de Blasio, still living the delusional dream, now on a campaign-donor-funded jaunt to Nevada and California, nevermind the $258,750 in public money he gets to, you know, do his real job.

We wouldn’t begrudge some campaigning if de Blasio had a snowball’s chance on the August pavement. But primary polls, where he’s stuck at 1%, show he’s the rare candidate national voters dislike more the more they learn about him. Maybe that’s because while like-thinking far-left progressives such as Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren offer robust policy agendas, de Blasio traffics mostly in finger-wagging pieties, while repeating a “look at my record” refrain that convinces nobody of anything.

The mayor claims it’s only the elites that have it out for him. Oh? After aiming to raise money from 10,000 donors in New York’s Orthodox Jewish community to meet the 130,000 donor threshold to qualify for the third Democratic debate, de Blasio convinced only 670 people to give.

The people who re-hired him for a second term aren’t giving a dime to fuel his presidential fantasies because they see a city with a persistent homelessness crisis. With public housing in disrepair. In the midst of a major debate over how to remedy school segregation. With police officer morale in the basement. With, maybe, a recession coming.

The city always suspected de Blasio considered those kinds of problems beneath his talents. Every day he persists with this folly, he reaffirms that suspicion.