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Let Success succeed: The charter network should get the Queens school space it needs


Despite being thrilled with the education their children receive, hundreds of public-school parents are being told they may have to send their sons and daughters far away for middle school.

There’s only one reason for the cruelty: These kids happen to attend charter schools. And not just any charter schools, but those run by Eva Moskowitz’s Success Academies, which sit atop Mayor de Blasio’s enemies list.

Some 2,000 youngsters now attend five Success elementary schools in Queens. These are places where just about every kid passes the state math and English exam, thanks largely to rigorous and demanding instruction. More and more of those kids are getting ready to enter middle school — but Success’ current Queens middle school is already bursting at the seams.

There are plenty of places they could grow nearby; there are 450 or more empty seats at seven public school buildings in the borough. If only the Department of Education would bend a little.

Nope. De Blasio, who during his presidential campaign said “I hate the privatizers and I want to stop them,” cares more about thwarting a foe than serving kids.

It’s a lesson in pettiness. A lesson in political payback. It’s certainly not a lesson in two concepts the mayor likes to talk and talk and talk about: equity and excellence.