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Lawyer admits bring pot and blade to client in custody at Manhattan courthouse


A crooked criminal defense lawyer admitted to smuggling pot and a blade to an client being detained at state Supreme Court in lower Manhattan.

Justin Levine, 60, pleaded guilty to promoting prison contraband in the April 23 incident at 100 Centre St., a state Supreme Court building in Manhattan.

His guilty plea, entered Wednesday, spared him a jail sentence, but required him to spend a year in alcohol treatment. He’s due back in court on Dec. 18, when he’ll need to submit a letter from a psychiatrist to show he’s been attending sessions, records show.

Levine, who lives on E. 92nd St., on the Upper East Side, was busted for handing his client a box of Newport cigarettes containing the illicit items.

Court papers say he passed the pack to the client, Franky Lambe, during an attorney-client meeting in the courthouse’s 12th floor attorney visit area.

Later that day, Lambe was caught at the Manhattan Detention Complex next to the courthouse carrying 18 cigarettes, loose marijuana and a small scalpel blade, court papers say.

Before he was busted, Lambe was recorded on a call from jail with acquaintance who told him that Levine needed an “extra five hundred.”

“Oh yeah. He gotta bring that — he gotta do what he gotta do, ya heard?” the inmate responded.

Levine admitted to an investigator for the Manhattan District Attorney’s office that he brought the cigarette pack to his client. The cigarettes themselves were contraband. Levine claimed he didn’t know about he blade or the marijuana.

The attorney appeared in 2004 on the Fox reality TV series “Trading Spouses,” in which he swapped his Upper East Side life with a farmer from Georgia.

Levinw was arrested in 2010 after a 24-year-old woman said he grabbed her butt on Second Ave., officials said.

Levine was released on his own recognize at the time of his arraignment. He could not be reached for comment Friday.