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Knife-wielding man on meth, bath salts chases, terrorizes medics as they attempt to take him to hospital


A West Virginia man who admitted he was on meth and bath salts attempted to stab a medic as he was being transported to a hospital, according to authorities.

Richard Thornton was behaving like someone “under the influence of drugs or alcohol” when Kanawha County deputies found him on Saturday night in Elkview. The deputies would call for an ambulance after Thornton disclosed to them what drugs he had taken, according to authorities.

Thornton was “uncooperative” during the ride, and repeatedly tried to release himself from the straps that secured him to the cot in the ambulance, according to the sheriff’s office. He was able to remove a knife from his pocket and attempted to stab one of the medics, the sheriff’s office said.

“The driver of the ambulance realized what was happening and abruptly stopped,” the sheriff’s office said. “Both medics were able to exit the ambulance, but were chased by Mr. Thornton.”

One of the medics ran up a hill to safety, but Thornton continued to chase the other one on the I-79 highway. Thornton would later give up the chase, and was apprehended at a convenience store nearby.

Thornton was hospitalized before being booked for two counts of attempted murder.