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Kansas City Chiefs’ Tyrann Mathieu to fund funeral for murdered 9-year-old in New Orleans


Tyrann Mathieu, a safety for the Kansas City Chiefs, will pay for the funeral of a young New Orleans boy killed Monday.

The 28-year-old Big Easy native said in a statement that he “wanted to help” the family of 9-year-old Devante Bryant so that they can channel their energy into mourning the little boy, reported Wednesday.

Devante was shot in the head when a gunman opened fire in the city’s Seventh Ward around 5 p.m. local time Monday, also hitting a teenage boy in the leg and a teen girl in the stomach. A suspect is not yet in custody.

“I wanted to help the Bryant family because I am from the 7th Ward and I felt that pain,” the NFL player said. “I have a 7-year-old son that lives in New Orleans and I couldn’t imagine something happening to him at that age. He is only 2 years younger than Devante.”

Mathieu added that the youngster “didn’t even have a chance to live his life before it was tragically taken away from him.”

Though the Heisman Trophy finalist no longer lives in the city, he still contributes to New Orleans.

“My goal is to help stop the violence and help my community to show and empower children from my community that there is another way, one child at a time,” he said.

Devante will be buried on what would have been his 10th birthday, July 31, his father Donald Bryant said.

“He was a baby, an innocent baby. He’s my baby,” the elder Bryant told WWLTV in the hours after Devante’s death. “I walked outside, he was just lying there. I picked him up and I laid him on the sofa. He was just not responding.”