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Jeffrey Epstein’s former bodyguard says ex-boss got others to help him in apparent suicide


Former Jeffrey Epstein bodyguard Igor Zinoviev in 2007. (Brian Bahr / Getty Images for IFL)

The one-time bodyguard and travel buddy of Jeffrey Epstein says he’s certain the accused pedophile got others to help him pull off an apparent suicide, a new report details.

“Somebody helped him do that," Igor Zinoviev said in a recent interview with New York Magazine, referring to how Epstein was able to allegedly kill himself on Saturday at Metropolitan Correctional Center.

When the reporter prodded him for more information, the bodyguard said, “Listen, you know, that’s going a little too deep.”

Jeffrey Epstein
Jeffrey Epstein (New York State Division of Criminal Justice)

Zinoviev — a Russian MMA fighter who occasionally drove the disgraced financier in Palm Beach and had previously rode on the perv’s private plane — also backtracked on other damning details that he offered up to the same reporter in 2015.

“You (previously) described his relationship with teenage girlfriends: ‘So many time I tried to stop him. I try to tell tell him my opinion about that. He don’t listen to me. That’s the reason why I’m not working for him no more,'" the reporter relayed back to Zinoviev in a phone conversation this week.

“I’m not surprised at all," the bodyguard also said of Epstein’s alleged sexual exploits. “I’m just surprised how low he can be outside the real world. Someday is going to call him and it will be real jail. He have so much money he can pay it off.”

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Zinoviev, who said he first met Epstein through a friend and wound up working for him for about five or six years, now denies ever making those statements.

“It’s not the teenage girls," the bodyguard said this week. “I tell you I never see teenage girls ... Plenty of times when I work for him I never see anything unproper or teenage girls around him."