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Jeffrey Epstein victim sues pervert’s estate and Ghislaine Maxwell


Jennifer Araoz and Jeffrey Epstein

A Queens woman who charged she was raped by Jeffrey Epstein when she was 15 years old sued the pervert’s estate and his alleged madam Ghislaine Maxwell on Wednesday.

Jennifer Araoz announced her intention to sue the depraved sex offender financier last month. Epstein’s apparent suicide at Metropolitan Correctional Center resulted in her naming Epstein’s estate and Maxwell as defendants in a lawsuit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court.

“They robbed me of my youth, my identity, my self worth,” Araoz, 32, said.

“None of that is diminished simply because he chose to take his own life. Today I’m exercising my rights under the law, today I’m exercising my power.”

Araoz joined scores of other alleged victims of sexual abuse filing suit under the state’s Child Victims Act. The law grants adult victims of child sex abuse a one-year window to bring claims against alleged abusers that would otherwise be barred by the statute of limitations.

Her attorney Kim Lerner said that jail staff “let Jennifer and the other victims down” by allowing Epstein, 66, to commit suicide.

“All they had to do was keep him safe and produce him,” Lerner said.

Lerner said Araoz met with federal prosecutors prior to Epstein’s death and they did questioned her about Maxwell.

Her lawsuit contains disturbing descriptions of Epstein’s $77 million seven-story townhouse of horrors where prosecutors say he molested many of his underage victims. She alleged he recruited her for massages that became increasingly sexual, culminating in him raping her on a massage table.

Maxwell played a key “administrative role” in the sex trafficking operation that ensnared Araoz, attorney Dan Kaiser said.