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Jeffrey Epstein ‘victim’ files suit against his estate, says abuse began when she was 14


An alleged victim mentioned in a criminal indictment against Jeffrey Epstein filed a lawsuit Wednesday against the estate of the filthy-rich pedophile who killed himself last month while in federal custody.

The latest legal claim against the disgraced financier comes from a woman who said she was just 14 when she became one of the many underage girls hired to service Epstein’s perverse sexual needs.

Identified only as Jane Doe in court papers, the woman said she became one of Epstein’s victims in 2002, one of multiple girls assaulted in his private, stately homes.

“Plaintiff Jane Doe is one of Epstein’s many victims,” according to the lawsuit filed in Manhattan Federal Court. “She met him when she was 14 years old or younger, in or around 2002. For the following three years, Epstein routinely abused and exploited Doe at his home in New York City.”

The plaintiff said she took Epstein’s lewd cash because she was struggling to find a way to help her family pay rent. She said her financial situation made her an easy target, which Epstein and his aides routinely exploited.

The alleged victim said her family was in such “serious financial straits” that she was forced to move out” and take odd jobs after school while staying with a “rotating cast of friends.”

It was around that time that an older girl brought her to Epstein’s Upper East Side mansion where the creepy sex trafficker paid hundreds of dollars for massages sessions that escalated to sexual assaults, according to the lawsuit.

The abuse continued until she was 17, during which time she was assaulted “countless times.”

The suit was filed against Epstein’s longtime lawyers, Darren Indyke and Richard Kahn, who were named in his will as executors of his estate, which is valued at more than $577 million.