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Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer complains about ‘liberal slanted anti trump articles’ following travel ban ruling


Trevor Bauer was forced to miss time in the ALCS for slicing his finger on a drone. (Tony Dejak/AP)

Just like the President, Trevor Bauer, a bleeding-finger Trump supporter, is angry and tweeting about it.

Bauer, who only follows 15 accounts, took to Twitter to share his disgust at 'liberal' slanted news stories 'flooding' his phone, not long after a federal appeals court ruled to let stand the halt on the White House's travel ban.

"Really annoyed that @Apple and @Twitter continue to flood my phone with liberal slanted anti trump articles," the pitcher, who famously sliced his finger on a drone and was forced to miss time in the ALCS, wrote. "fair and equal reporting? No?"

The tweet trigged many responses from some of Bauer's 80,000-plus followers, and he had no problem arguing with them.

"ah yes. Talk about news, now I'm a racist. Makes total sense," the pitcher fired back at someone who referred to him as a "closet Nazi" for vocalizing support of Trump.

"How do you know the difference between anti-Trump slander and just reporting things he says?" one person asked, to which Bauer replied "cuz I can't even find quotes about what he said to decide for myself! It's disgusting."

Thirty-five minutes earlier, Trump had tweeted "SEE YOU IN COURT, THE SECURITY OF OUR NATION IS AT STAKE," after the federal appeals court's decision came down.

Bauer also called someone "blind" for saying "nothing is slanted" and added that "this country doesn't need normal. Normal wasn't working" after he received a tweet about the President not being normal.

There were multiple "MAGA" replies to people as well.

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The pitcher showed his support for Trump the night he won the election by tweeting "M.A.G.A!!!" and was openly against both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders last year.

During one of the debates between Sanders and Clinton last year, Bauer, who made $1.94 million in 2015, tweeted that he was "sick of hearing that the rich people in this country are the problem and we don't pay our fair share."

He added that "everyone should pay the same percentage of their income. That seems plenty fair to me."