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How’s he doin’? Measuring de Blasio against the central promise of his 2013 campaign


Mayor de Blasio won office back in 2013 on a promise to drastically reduce income inequality in New York, based on the notion that it was intrinsically wrong for this dynamic city to attract both the richest of the rich and low-income strivers and immigrants struggling to make it. (The gap never bothered us that much, especially because the richest of the rich fund the services the rest of us rely upon.)

A new report from the Manhattan Institute points out that, based on the most recent data available, the city’s Gini coefficient — the most reliable measure of that inequality — has only risen since he took office.

Universal pre-K is great. Continued crime declines are real. We celebrate wage gains for those on the bottom rungs of the income ladder.

But let the record show that the supposed dragon this mayor set out to slay is still breathing fire.