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How to honor Mother Cabrini: Offended New Yorkers should raise the money and build a statue to the American saint themselves


Mother Frances Xavier Cabrini, the first American citizen to be canonized by the Roman Catholic church is seen, date unknown. (AP)

As was recently reported, Catholics and others in and around New York City are rightfully outraged that Chirlane McCray — the liberal wife of liberal Mayor Bill de Blasio — after a city initiative she oversees rejected the people’s choice of Mother Cabrini for a “She Built NYC” statue.

Boo hoo. Stop whining and do something about it.

Neither de Blasio nor McCray hide or run from their left-of-center political beliefs. Consequently, nonsensical decisions made in the name of political correctness should surprise no one.

But as long as they’re calling the shots, people of faith, of commonsense do have the power to fight back. The snubbing of Mother Cabrini for a well-deserved statue is a prime example.

The “She Built NYC” campaign was established in June of 2018 by de Blasio and McCray. The public was then asked to nominate women who should be considered for a statue in honor of their contributions to the city.

It is truly a wonderful idea and campaign to recognize deserving women who were wrongfully and shamefully ignored over the decades precisely because they were women.

Unfortunately, the campaign was instantly politicized by McCray and her team.

The results of the people’s vote was released in December, and Sister Frances Xavier Cabrini received more votes by far than any other nominee.

Her nomination was then kicked to the curb by McCray and her followers.

Ironically, this first American saint was rejected by so-called progressives despite the fact that she herself was an immigrant who founded schools, hospitals and orphanages for the poor and disadvantaged.

So, what to do if you believe Mother Cabrini was wronged and deserves a statue? Build one yourself.

Create a committee, solicit donations, hire a sculptor, pick a spot (a church being a logical choice), put out a press release announcing your rationale, and put up the statue of a woman and a saint who devoted her life to the underprivileged of New York City.

No whining. No wringing of the hands. No “woe is us.” Step up and do the right thing.

For decades now, the left and liberals have won major cultural battles for two main reasons. The first being that over the last 50 years or so, they took control of the three largest megaphones of our nation, those being the media, entertainment and academia.

The second reason being they knew — and counted on the fact — that conservatives, people of faith and those who believed in law and order and commonsense would generally complain to each other when the far-left trampled their rights, but never fight back.

Fight back in the name of Mother Cabrini. Build that statue.

MacKinnon is a former White House and Pentagon official and an author.