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How Padres players accidentally heard of Manny Machado's historic signing


Beyond fed up over inquiries ad nauseam regarding his top client, Dan Lozano assertedly leaked news of Manny Machado’s agreement with the Padres before San Diego brass even had time to forge then historic 10-year, $300 million contract.

Just another abnormality in what was a months-long saga filled with them.

“It made me feel like we were being boxed in,” Padres owner Ron Fowler recently told Sports Illustrated as part of a wide-ranging piece surrounding Machado’s decision. “If you screw it up, you’re morons.”

They didn’t, and Machado, introduced as a Padre last week after signing the richest free agent deal in North American team sports history, is back on the diamond in Arizona for spring training.

Manny Machado. (Charlie Riedel / AP)

Lozano, who only a month ago bashed two veteran baseball scribes for what he called “inaccurate and reckless” reporting, denied playing a part in ESPN’s Jeff Passan breaking the story.

Nevertheless, some of Machado’s current teammates found out about the stunning revelation rather serendipitously. Non-roster invitee Ryan Bollinger saw the news flash across MLB Network while retrieving batting gloves.

“You guys!” he yelled to players gathered on the field, “I think we got Machado!”

They sure did — to the shock of many.