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Have you seen Heisenberg? Man who looks like ‘Breaking Bad’ character wanted on meth charges


Wait, is that the one who knocks?

Police in Galesburg, Ill., are asking the public for their help in tracking down a man who violated his probation related to possession of methamphetamine.

The mugshot of Todd W. Barrick Jr., 50, is making the rounds for a different reason, though: his uncanny resemblance to “Breaking Bad” villain and meth kingpin Walter White, memorably played by Bryan Cranston during the show’s run on AMC.

The resemblance was picked up immediately after the photos were posted on the Galesburg PD’s Facebook page.

“Heisenberg is Alive!!,” wrote one commenter, referencing Walter White’s pseudonym on the show.

“This new “Breaking Bad” movie looks like it sucks!,” wrote another, referencing the upcoming “El Camino,” which hits Netflix next month.