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Fox pundit Tomi Lahren’s fiancé Brandon Fricke is running for congress as an Independent


Fiery “Fox Nation” pundit Tomi Lahren announced Monday that her fiancé, Brandon Fricke, will challenge Democratic Rep. Ted Lieu for his seat in the House of Representatives.

“Proud to announce my fiancé @Brandon FrickeCA will be taking on @tedlieu2020 in 2020 for California’s 33rd district!” the fast-talking conservative tweeted.

Fricke posted a video on social media announcing his candidacy Monday, where he said he would run as an Independent. In that ad, Fricke, a Trump supporter, attacked California Congressman Lieu, claiming “while our problems get worse by the day, our current representative is busy writing his next tweet.”

Lahren also tweeted at Lieu that “it’s time someone challenged you and put California’s 33rd district ahead of TV time and mean tweeting the president.”

Irony appears to be lost on the tenacious TV personality, who told “The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah shortly after the 2016 presidential election “I’m a Millennial so I don’t really like labels, but yes, I’m conservative in thought.”

Lahren and Fricke, both 30, announced their engagement in June. He’s from Iowa and Lahren was raised in South Dakota.

Lieu, an Air Force veteran, is in his third congressional term, where he serves on the House Judiciary Committee and the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

The 33rd District includes the tony towns of Bel Air, Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Santa Monica and Calabasas.