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Florida nurse gives birth while volunteering amid Hurricane Dorian


Laura Suazo, a nurse at Holmes Regional Medical Center in Melbourne, and her husband with their baby Penelope, who was born during Hurricane Dorian. (Obtained by New York Daily News)

A pregnant Florida nurse showed up to volunteer amid the extreme weather brought on by Hurricane Dorian — but instead of being put to work, she went into labor.

Laura Suazo said she was three weeks away from her due date when she turned up for a volunteer shift at Health First’s Holmes Regional Medical Center on Monday. With the hurricane baring down on Florida’s coast, Suazo knew the facility would need her assistance – but her future daughter had different plans.


“I was in the perfect place to have my baby and I was so glad to be here in the hospital,” she said in a statement to People Magazine.

“I was definitely surprised I went into labor three week early, but have had an absolutely wonderful experience.”

Suazo gave birth around 9 a.m. Tuesday to a healthy girl named Penelope. Around the same time, Hurricane Dorian battered the east coast and Central Florida with maximum sustained wind speeds of 110 mph, according to the National Hurricane Center.

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