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Florida mom left 2-year-old in car in 96-degree heat for half-hour to go shopping at Macy’s: cops


A Florida woman left her 2-year-old daughter in a hot, locked car for almost 30 minutes so she could go shopping at Macy’s, police said.

Thamyres Ponce, 32, was arrested Monday and charged with child neglect, according to police records.

Cops say it was 96 degrees in Wellington, about 70 miles north of Miami, when they got a call about a toddler locked in a car and crying, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported.

A Palm Beach County officer arrived, broke a window and pulled the child out of the car, according to the Sun-Sentinel. The 2-year-old’s body temperature was 102 degrees.

Police said Ponce returned to the car shortly after and said she’d been shopping at Macy’s, at which point they arrested her.

According to, nine children have died in hot cars in 2020.