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Fire sends smoke billowing through NYC’s Times Square


More than 80 firefighters battled a blaze inside a Times Square building Sunday morning, FDNY officials said.

The fire broke out inside the ductwork of the office building at 145 W. 45th St. near Seventh Ave. around 7:40 a.m. and forced the evacuation of the nearby Hyatt Centric Hotel, officials said.

Fire on #TimesSquare

“There was an announcement from security in the hotel that there was an emergency and we needed to evacuate,” said Hyatt guest Boyzell Hosey, 55, who was staying on the eighth floor. “Then there was another announcement that this was a real emergency and that it was affecting the 26th floor. I woke my wife up and said, ‘This is real. We have to get up.’”

Boyzell said they then took the stairs down to the street.

“There were hundreds of people in the street,” he said. “Smoke was coming from the top of the building. It was a light grayish smoke. It was a little surreal.”

It took firefighters about an hour to bring the blaze under control.

Three people were injured. Two refused medical attention at the scene while another was taken to NYU Langone Health for difficulty breathing, fire officials said.

The cause of the blaze is under investigation.