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Fellow Americans: Citizenship Now! aims to help more residents become citizens


Saturday, CUNY and the Daily News proudly sponsor our annual Citizenship Now! event at John Jay College, a four-hour session where immigration lawyers offer free assistance to green-card holders seeking to become U.S. citizens.

The process has gotten more complicated in recent years. Under the Obama administration, the entire filing-to-naturalization period was four to six months. Now, wait times stretch from 10 months to nearly three years.

The $725 naturalization filing fee is a hurdle for many, and Trump & Co. are making it higher. Under current rules, anyone getting an income-based public benefit, like Medicaid, qualifies for a waiver of the fee. A proposed DHS rule change would require applicants to prove that their family income is below 150% of the federal poverty guidelines or that they have sudden financial need.

For permanent residents, seeking citizenship is the ultimate patriotic act. We welcome all who need a helping hand to call (646) 664-9400, 718-665-0400 or go to for help.