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Feds: DNA links gun stashed inside Brooklyn cable box to felon, who claims he wasn’t last to use it


A parolee who’s served time for robbery and weapon possession is back in hot water after a repair worker found a gun stashed in a cable box in a Brooklyn stairwell – and his DNA was all over it, federal authorities allege.

The gun was linked to a shooting over the summer, but the parolee, Anthony Rodriguez, groused in a recorded jailhouse phone call that he wasn’t the last person who used the weapon, federal prosecutors say.

A cable repair worker stumbled across the gun, a Glock .40 caliber, stashed inside a cable box in the stairwell of a Sutter Ave. apartment building July 31. Ballistics tests linked the gun to a shooting in the area two days earlier, according to federal documents.

Rodriguez, 33, who was locked up Aug. 26 after failing a drug test for pot and violating his curfew, told detectives he hasn’t touched a firearm since 2013, A test, however, found his DNA all over the weapon, federal prosecutors allege.

On Aug. 27, Rodriguez called a woman from behind bars to complain about the gun, telling her, “Remember the s--- that they found?” he asked. “They trying to say that my DNA was on that s---. But how the f--- was my s--- on it and I wasn’t even the last n----- that touched that s---?"

Gang members and criminals often stash what police refer to as “community guns” in easily accessible locations to avoid being arrested for carrying a weapon.

Federal authorities charged Rodriguez on Sept. 11 as a felon in possession of a firearm. He remains locked up in the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Complex.

His lawyer did not immediately return a call seeking comment.