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Fan spills food trying to catch baseball. Twice.


Trying to catch a ball hit into the stands of a stadium can be quite the thrill.

One Dodger fan sitting in the stands of L.A.'s game in San Francisco, tried to pull off a masterful catch, not once, but twice, of a ball hit to his section.

But both times he tried to make the catch he just so happened to be holding food, and both times he spilled it.

First came the french fries catch (or at least that’s what it looked like he was holding).

The fan saw the ball coming his way and tried to make a one-handed grab while holding his fries in his other hand. As he reached out for the ball, he fell over the row of seats in front of him, launching his fries into the air. Luckily, his efforts paid off and he was able to get up with the ball in hand.

His next opportunity came later in the game as a ball hurled toward his section while he was holding what looked like a slice of pizza on a plate.

This time his back was to the game and he attempted to catch the ball backwards, with one hand, while his legs leaned on the row of seats below him. He didn’t have the same success as his last attempt, though. After he caught the ball, he fell over backwards, launching the pizza slice into the air, and lost the ball.

Baseballs aside, did he ever actually get more food?